Coloring pages Angry Birds

Birds are angry again! Why don’t you choose your favourite coloring books, print and give them some colors? Angry Birds Space and Star Wars series included. As a bonus coloring page with Santa. Because Angry Birds do not rest and fight with pigs and other enemies whole year long. Would you like to join them? Which side will you choose in this endless battle?

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Questions about Angry Birds coloring books

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Question 1

Do you know which bird can destroy a rock by one strike?


A black bird is able to do this

Question 2

Into how many smaller birds can be split into a blue bird?


A blue bird can split into 3 smaller birds.

Question 4

Where does the producer Rovio come from?


Rovio is from Finland

Question 5

What thing is used to shoot birds in a game?


A slingshot

Question 6

Which famous movie about cosmic battles was borrowed by Angry Birds?


Star Wars

Angry Birds coloring pages – interesting facts

  • One of the American teachers prepared an assignment for a class test based on Angry Birds game. The task assumed to calculate the birds’ trajectories so that it can knock out a pig. As you can see some teachers are very creative and up to date in order to encourage teenagers for learning.
  • Due to its great popularity, in Finnish city Tampere was built an amusement park dedicated to Angry Birds game.
  • During production of first part of Angry Birds were working only 4 people and it took them 8 months. Hmm you could quote here Winston Churchill saying that: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few” 🙂
  • There is a lot of Angry Birds fans among celebrities such as: Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue, David Cameron or Justin Bieber.
  • In 2014 Angry Birds coloring pages ranked in TOP3 most wanted coloring pages by children in USA.
  • Rovio in its history has produced 50 games which didn’t become popular until Angry Birds showed up. The game at once became successful and the most popular game in the world.


This is probably the best set of free printable coloring pages with all Angry Birds and Pigs in a whole universe. Because mediocre is not good for us:) All coloring sheets are proper for smaller and bigger children – as a matter of fact there is no age restriction in this category. But all pictures with Angry Birds are waiting for you to give them some war colors. Are you ready for Angry Birds Rumble? Topcoloringpages – best coloring books in the whole internet.