Autumn coloring books

When the leaves are falling just pick your crayons and give some colors for the most colorful time in a whole year. Autumn coloring pages are the great choice for children of all ages. Halloween, pumpkins, hedgehogs, rainy weather, mushrooms and other autumn symbols are here.

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Questions about Autumn coloring books.

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Question 1

What’s the name of American holiday when people in disguise of ghosts and monsters celebrate the holy evening?



Question 2

What’s the name of of a multicolored arc which we can see sometimes after the rain?


We call it a rainbow

Question 4

Name all four Seasons.


Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), Winter

Question 5

What’s the name of atmospheric phenomenon which looks like cloud on earth? Visibility is then much worse than usual.


It is a fog

Question 6

Using what hedgehog defends itself from predators?


Spines on their back

Autumn coloring pages – interesting facts:

  • Children born in Autumn have the biggest chances to live to be a hundred years old or more. Don’t worry if you were born in another season, you have also chances to live that long:)
  • Leaves in Autumn change their colors because green pigment is produced by rays of sunlight. Once winter comes sun shines shorter that is why there is less pigment. In this season leaves have other pigments such as yellow or orange so that you can color our coloring books in many various colors.
  • People living close to the equator don’t experience Fall. It is because the sun falls at almost the same angle throughout the whole year and it makes a hot weather at all times. A day all year round lasts 12 hours.
  • According to Swedish scientists, women in Autumn lose the biggest number of hairs.
  • In accordance with some superstitions catching falling leaves in Fall brings good luck. Each caught leaf means a lucky month in the coming year.


Coloring pages with beautiful Autumn landscapes: rain, straw man, hedgehog, leaves, children, wind. Color Autumn pictures with your favourite crayons. Use your imagination and show us that Autumn doesn’t have to be dull. Moreover, all coloring books you may print out on a home printer for free, and every time you want. And after coloring try to guess all the questions in our quiz and read some interesting facts about Autumn