Hello Kitty coloring pages

It seems that this most famous cat in the world never gets older. Our coloring pages present Hello Kitty in many lifetime scenes and interesting adventures followed by children all over the world. Choose your favourites, print and color for free.

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Questions about Hello Kitty coloring books

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Question 2

On which continent is located Japan (a country where Hello Kitty comes from)?


Asia which is the biggest of all continents

Question 3

Hello Kitty is missing one important body part on her head. What is it?


Hello Kitty doesn’t have mouth

Question 4

Is Hello Kitty a boy or a girl?


Hello Kitty is a girl.

Question 5

What does she usually wear on a head?



Question 6

What is the name of a twin sister of Hello Kitty?


Her name is Mimmy White

Hello Kitty coloring pages and some interesting facts:

  • Hello Kitty written in the Japanese ハローキティ Luckily description of our coloring books is in English
  • Hello Kitty was born in 1974 and she had her debut on a bag. Later, her image decorated almost every gadget which you could imagine (including our coloring books:)
  • Hello Kitty has a birthday on November 1st, it means she’s a Scorpio
  • Even though Hello Kitty’s producers come from Japan according to the history Kitty was born in a suburb of London, a capital of England
  • Hello Kitty height is five apples and weight is three apples. You have to admit that it’s quiet interesting unit of measurement


Free printable coloring pages for kids with funny adventures of Hello Kitty and her inseparable friends. The most charming cat in the world is waiting for your crayons and ideas. So no more time to waste. Just print and color that adorable pictures. All you need is a home printer and crayons or watercolors. Don’t forget about our quiz! It’s not easy but every Hello Kitty fan should try to solve it.