Winter coloring pages

Winter time brings a lot of fun! All children want to make a snowman, snowball battles, sledding, ice skating and many more enjoyable activities. It’s good to spend time outdoors, but always remember to wear thick clothes, behave reasonable and safe. And after coming back to home drink something warming up. Don’t worry when it’s too cold outside. That’s a perfect time to try winter coloring pages for children at Pick your favourite, print and color for free!

Snowman ice-skating Winter coloring page Snowman in a forest Penguin on ice to color Child making a snowman
Proffesional hockey player to print and color Bear and snowman Winter image to print and color Winter sport child Ice skate boy
Sking boy to paint Sking man funny images Two boys winter time Winter wonderland Child on ski
Children winter snowman coloring pages Winter break snow kids to color Hockey match coloruring books Snow battle children Snowboarding to color for free
Winter clothing to color Sledding children to color Snow falling child Winter gloves Santa comes to town
Girl ice skating Winter funny picture printable Two boys in sledges Man in a snowball coloring page Boy winter fun

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Quiz – Winter coloring pages

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Question 1

How do we call the last day of the year?


It’s New Year’s Eve

Question 2

What’s the name of a bear, which has a white fur and feels most comfortable in a cold and snowy regions of the world?


This animal is a polar bear

Question 4

How do we call a popular winter team sport done on ice where two teams play against each other and try to hit a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal using a stick?


This sport is a hockey

Question 5

How do we call frozen water hanging from window sills?



Question 6

What’s traditional name of hairy, elusive snow man allegedly living in high mountains?


It’s Yeti also called a Big Foot.

Winter coloring sheets for children – interesting facts:

  • The lowest temperature on Earth was noted in Antarctica in 1983. The temperature dropped to −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F).
  • Otters belong to a rare group of mammals which can reproduce during winter.
  • Poinsettia is the most popular plant that blooms in winter.
  • Chionophobia – it’s a very rare disease whose sufferers are afraid of snow.
  • About 12% of the Earth’s surface is covered with snow or ice.
  • To survive the winter time many animals evolved behaviour which allow them to endure this harsh period. This includes hibernation, migration, collecting food supplies, changing colors or thicker fur.


Winter coloring pages are a real challenge for children. Why? Because what color they should use to color plenty of snow on a picture? Or a snowman which was made by children? Hmm, we think that you need to use your imagination and let it flow freely. Because you don’t have to stick to the rules and just change real colors for those which suit you most. Winter coloring books, quiz and interesting infos are waiting for all small winter lovers.