14 ingenious inventions that will make your life more bearable

Ingenious people aren’t always marketing geniuses and their interesting inventions often don’t find a way to mass production. Often with a great loss for the everyday life of ordinary people like you or me. That is why today we present an interesting list of inventions that you probably do not know, and it’s worth it to be the opposite. Honestly, they’re not likely to revolutionize your life, but they can make it a bit easier or simply more enjoyable. And that’s something!

An idea bult cartoon style

1. A swing for a child and a parent.

Well, confess how many times you wanted to play with your child on a swing, but you were ashamed to scramble on the seats evidently adapted for children? The constructor of this swing knew this problem well and decided to solve it effectively. Several plastic castings, some rubber, metal and voila! A parent with a child can finally be together!

Swing for a parent and a child

2. A Swing For Wheelchair Users

This construction is a bit more complicated, but the idea is nobler too. A person in a wheelchair can finally play on this swing. The dangling rope even allows the person using the swing to play independently. Hats off to the inventor of this device. At least a few of these swings should come to every major city in the world, don’t you think?

A swing for disabled people

3. No candy check-out

This idea should upset small gourmands, but please parents who care about their health. One of the American stores has introduced a cash register where there are no exposed sweets that children like to throw in the basket so eagerly. A wider introduction of this idea around the world may be problematic due to the fact that for the store it means a loss of some profit. At least unless someone notices that thanks to it, customers who appreciate this gesture arrived in large numbers.

No candy check-out

4. Shopping baskets with Alone/With Assistance indicator

This idea, in turn, has a great chance to quickly conquer the world of trade. What is its essence? Well, customers entering the store choose the color of the cart, and by doing this, they signal the service to the store whether they want someone to assist them when choosing products or not. Wonderful idea, isn’t it?

Ingenious shopping basket

5. Bench with a small table

And here is a public bench with a little bonus inside. With just one move, you can lift a central part to make it a practical table where you can put something to drink or play a card game with a friend. A really great idea for strengthening social bonds without using a smartphone.

A public bench with a folded table

6. Bench with swinging back

Since we are in the topic of public benches, here is another interesting idea to make lounging in the open air more pleasant. Do you remember how many times did the sun shine straight in your eyes when you were sitting on the bench? Here this problem has been solved with a very simple mechanism for swinging the backrest to the other side. Simplicity, however, is the height of sophistication.

Ingenious public bench

7. Airless Tires

Ah, how much better would the world of cyclists be without the punctured tires and the need to inflate them. But wait a minute, it looks like someone has already invented such tires! You probably won’t beat the speed records on them, but you won’t do any damage if you run the wheel over the glass either. This is probably a sensible compromise.

A bike tire without air

8. USB drive with an indicator of free space

Another very interesting gadget is a USB drive with a free space indicator. Thanks to it you don’t have to laboriously check on which one still have free space. It saves a lot of time.

Pendrive with storage indication

9. Children bicycling playground

Hmm, seemingly this crossroads looks quite normal. What is so special about it? Well, this is a whole mini town designed especially for children, so that from an early age they can learn traffic regulations in realistic conditions.

Mini city for kids

10. Doghouse outside a shopping center

And here we have an invention that will particularly interest pet owners. No more petting, no more taunting, no more undesirable snacks! Just don’t plan to overuse it. An author working for The Outline tried a similar booth and it turned out that they have a monitoring system or sensors there, which quickly captures such jokers.

Doghouse outside a shop

11. Floor designed to stop people from running

Running along school corridors is a real nightmare for many teachers. And seeing such a floor you wouldn’t really want to sprint, would you? Do you know what’s the best part? This floor is perfectly flat. The concavity you see is just a clever optical illusion that gives such a spectacular effect.

A floor with an optic illusion

12. Ingenious road sign

Here the comment is probably unnecessary and the picture says it all.

Ingenious warning sign for trucks

13. Folding pizza box

Sometimes it’s strange that nobody has ever thought about it before… Uneaten pizza is one of the most disturbing issues of the societies of the so-called first world. And bum! Problem solved! Again a brilliantly simple invention, which is a pizza box that you can fold into smaller sizes and conveniently take away or store in the fridge. And suddenly the world is immediately a much more beautiful place to live!

Ingenious folded pizza box

14. Funny pizza box

And for the end, we stay in the subject of pizza. This invention will not win any awards in the field of usability, but it can help to unleash an excellent home party. These are pizza boxes with the very original prints. Because there are moments in life when having fun is more important than anything else.

Funny pizza box with suit overprint