35 new horse coloring pages

I think we all love horses. They are exceptionally friendly and dignified animals that have been our friends since the dawn of time. That’s why today we’ve published a completely new category of coloring pages – horse coloring pages. 35 cool & print-ready pictures. We invite you for an unforgettable ride with crayons in your hand!

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New horse coloring pages sheets baner

1. Coloring pages with horses at its best

If we do something, we try to do it as best we can. And it is no different this time. Already at the very debut of the new category, we give you 35 horse coloring pages (click to see it). This gives you quite a choice, doesn’t it?

What will you find there? Coloring pages with horses are primarily … horses:) But, to avoid boredom, we have put these pictures enriched with motifs related to the horse world. So in addition to the horses themselves, you’ll also find ponies, a professional saddle, horseshoes, a haystack, and a toque. Take a look at one example below.

Free stallion coloring page horse

This stately stallion just can’t wait to gain some color. And there are 34 more pictures waiting in the queue. And most certainly, there will be more to come soon.

2. Printable labyrinths and dot to dot worksheets

What’s more, among the available worksheets you’ll also find several tasks and puzzles for children. These are labyrinths and a connect the dots task.
Perfect for children in preschool and early school age. One of the available labyrinths looks like this.

Maze for kids with a horse

We hope that, like us, you are also a huge fan of horses and that the presented coloring pages will bring you a lot of joy. Click here: printable horses coloring pages and start your adventure. And more news coming soon. We can already reveal that even more animals will appear on Topcoloringpages.net