5 fun creative at home activities to with your kids this winter

The days are shorter and colder which means spending time outside is harder. With kids, it can be hard to entertain them with fun activities now that we can’t send them outside anymore. Watching tv all day is not an option but coming up with at home activities for your kids could be a challenge, especially when you are busy yourself. That’s why we are here to help you! We created a fun list of 5 creative at home activities to do with your kids to have them entertained all afternoon. Enjoy!

Child with a coloring page

1. Play with paper

Are you familiar with origami? Origami is  an ancient Japanese art where you fold paper into all kinds of shapes. It’s the perfect escape to sit down and to make a fun creation. Origami is also very good for children. It does not involve any stress or noise and it is a calming activity. So sit down with your kids and let them pick their favorite animal. On the internet there are many tutorials on how to make an origami fortune teller and animals. This activity also helps to develop the concentration and reduce anxiety.

2. Painting with water paint

We understand that you don’t want your house to become one big mess, so it could help to assign one place in the house where your kids could play and craft without interrupting the cleanliness of your home. Waterpaint is the perfect way to stimulate the creativity of your kids. Let them go crazy on the canvas and paint whatever they want! If your children have a short attention span, give them a theme linked to the crafts. For example let them paint their favorite zoo animal of their favorite food and let them explain why.

3. Make a castle

What is more fun than playing with pillows, chairs and blankets? Let your kids go crazy and suggest them to build their own castle! This gives them the freedom to express themself and to use their imagination. They could use the castle to read books, play games or just to chill in. To make it a little extra, you could cut out paper crowns for your kids to make their imagination more real.

4. Organize a fashion show

It’s time to get everything out the closet and to show your prettiest outfit! Waring, this activity might include some chaos but will be super fun! Let your kids use their imagination to come up with some crazy outfits to show on the runway. You could beforehand make a runway of some old papers or blankets to make the show look as realistic as possible. Choose some fun music and let the show begin! This activity is perfect to do before bedtime as they will probably be exhausted afterwards. Organizing a little fashion show is not only fun, but it could also give a boost to their confidence.

5. Make your own jewelry

The last fun activity to do at home is to make your own jewelry. This activity is not only for girls, boys could just enjoy this as much! Gather some strings and beads to let your kids make their own necklaces or bracelets. When you recently went on vacation, it could be super fun to add some of the shells you found on the beach to make a fun vacation necklace. This activity is the perfect way to let your kids express their creativity.

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