A few tips to raise a kind child

You probably already noticed that kids usually mimic what they see around them. Behavior from peers, parents, carers and other people in their life will shape how they see the world and ultimately how they act within it. Encouraging good manners is good for all concerned. It also reinforces a positive interaction between two human beings. It is often the simple things in life that offer the most joy, so not forgetting about these very small gestures ensures these remain within a kind society.

Two kind kids playing together

1 Share

Focus on the kind act of sharing when it comes to children and they will learn so much from this. It will send a message suggesting that for example, all kids have an equal right to play with the same toy. This message can be transferred into adult life in many desirable ways.

2. Listen and be patient

Give them a voice – listen. Children often communicate their needs in a negative way. They may shout, become aggressive or display their discontent in other ways. It is therefore important that we see early warning signs and listen to them before it turns into a negative interaction. Giving them time and patience will encourage them to talk about their thoughts and feelings. If they are talking to you, give them ample time to enable them to get their point across. Get down to their level to show them that you care about what they have to say. This platform will give your kids confidence in communicating with you effectively.
Look out for other methods of communication – such as through the act of a play. You can tell a lot about a child’s mood by observing them during a routine play session.

3. Let the child feel important

Give your little ones some responsibility with a younger sibling or a family pet. Showing them how to care for someone or something will give them a clearly defined structural purpose. And a sense of achievement. Allow them to feed the cat. If a baby is in the house, get them involved in the diaper changes. They can have the wipes at-the-ready, or they could simply occupy the baby with their presence. Ask them to pack away the changing area.
A little sweet puppy

4. Discipline

Inevitably, kids sometimes will break the rules and require discipline. It is therefore important that clear, established and consistent boundaries are in place. This will send a clear message to the child what is expected of them. It also keeps them safe and secure within the comforts of a boundary.

5. Praise good deeds

Positive reinforcement is often overlooked when it comes to developing child’s character. Make sure positive behavior is acknowledged or rewarded in some way. This will reinforce to the child that doing something good, is not always the easiest solution but it is worth trying. Researchers have proven that positive stimuli work better than negative ones. You can read more about it on PsychologyToday

Raising a kind child is the dream of most parents. However, you must be aware that nothing is happening without a reason and it requires a lot of hard work to achieve this goal. Day after day, week after week for several long years. However, if you manage to do it, undoubtedly a sense of pride will reward all previous sacrifices.