New category: Basketball coloring pages

Unfortunately, everything that is good ends quickly – the holidays are over and it’s time to prepare for slightly colder days. However, to sweeten this time for children, we’ve prepared a completely new category of sport-related coloring pages: Basketball. Here you’ll find cool pictures of basketball players, shoes, symbols, and even logos of the NBA league and the most popular NBA teams. Of course, all pictures are absolutely free to download or print! Check it here: Basketball coloring pages

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Baner with category of basketball coloring pages

1. What do we have here?

Our printable basketball coloring pages are full of pictures related to this extremely popular sport. Starting with a ball, professional shoes (Nike of course;), a basket, and even a basketball court. It’s probably not a bad start, isn’t it?

Basket and a ball coloring page for kids

2. Basketball players

What is more, this category of coloring sheets is also full of basketball players. You can print or download kids playing basketball together but also many individual players doing tricks, passing a ball, attacking, defending, trying to shoot, running, and many, many more. There’s even one of the most spectacular basketball tricks – slam dunk. You’ve probably seen many remarkable slam dunks when watching NBA games and now you can color them for free.

Cartoon coloring page with basketball player

3. Original logos

And how about coloring some eye-catching logos? For example, the original NBA logo? Or basketball symbols similar to the picture below? It can be a very nice test for your imagination to choose colors that combined together will give a stunning final effect. You can also make a step further and take a piece of white paper and try to draw your own patterns. And afterward, of course, color them :)

Printable basketball logo

4. NBA teams crests

And last but not least, you can also print the logos of the most popular NBA teams. What teams, you ask? Well, let’s mention: Chicago Bulls (M.J. we miss you so much!), Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards, Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat. But it’s definitely not all. You’ll find a total of 20 team crests to print or download.

Milwaukee Bucks logo to print

Recently, we’ve published a total of 45 high-quality pictures at your disposal. You will find them all here: basketball coloring pages Print as many as you like and have fun