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According to numbers

The task in this set of coloring sheets is to color pictures according to assigned numbers. Easy? Every number matches only one color. Be careful and patient. It requires a lot of focus, but also gives a lot of fun. Some pictures are pretty easy indeed, but some others can cause a real headache.

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Quiz – coloring books for children

Just hover your mouse over the question to see the correct answer!

1. How do we call a disease which involves poor recognition of colors?


This disease is called Daltonism

3. What are three primary colors?


Primary colors are: red, blue, yellow

3. What is opposite to black?


Opposite to black is white.

4. What colors do we see on USA flag?


On USA flag are red, blue and white

5. What is the most famous small animal (reptile) which is able to change its colors to better match surrounding area?


It’s a chameleon

Amazing facts about colors:

  • The favourite color of most people in the world is blue.
  • Favourite kid’s color is: purple among girls and green among boys.
  • According to fur color we can guess a cat’s gender. If a fur has two or three tones then it’s a female. If the fur has only one tone, it’s a male.
  • The dominant eye color among people worldwide is brown. In the second position are green and grey. The least common is blue.
  • Meaning of some colors:

Blue – symbolizes persistence, reliability, wisdom, loyalty.

Green – a symbol of growth, fertility, nature. Green same as blue calms.

Red – naturally attracts an eye and brings us in a state of excitement. Often associated with energy and holidays.

Yellow – a tone of sun, a symbol of joy. Attracts good memories.

Orange – symbolizes fun, heat, energy.

Brown – it’s a symbol of reliability, stability, in the end, it’s a color of the earth.

Gold – it’s a symbol of wealth and a promise of better times.


A collection of coloring books which requires lots of focus and attention because you should follow the instruction. Coloring fields have assigned digits. Every digit it’s a different tone which you’ll find in a description. In our collection you’ll find easier (small amount of digits and colors) and harder version (big amount of digits and colors.