Color by number worksheets

Printable color by number worksheets – the main task in this set of free educational worksheets for children is to color pictures according to assigned numbers. Do you think that it will be easy? You have to remember that each number matches only one color. So better be careful and patient. These pictures are surely very demanding but will also give you loads of fun. You can find some easy pictures here, but some others can cause a real headache.

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Color by number free worksheets

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Color by number picture tutorial

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Place your mouse over the question to see the correct answer

2. How do we call a disease which involves poor recognition of colors?

It’s called Daltonism.

3. What are the three primary colors?

The primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.

4. What is opposite to black?

Opposite to black is white.

5. Is yellow color visible on the rainbow?

Yes, it is.

African lion color by number

Karate color by number task

Rooster color by number to print

Amazing facts about colors:

  • The favorite color of most adult people in the world is blue.
  • The favorite kid’s color is purple among girls and green among boys.
  • According to the fur color, we can guess a cat’s gender with very high accuracy. If a fur has two or three tones then most probably it’s a female. If the fur has only one tone, it’s a male.
  • The dominant eye color among people worldwide is brown. In the second position are green and grey. The least common is blue.
  • Meaning of some colors:

Blue – symbolizes persistence, reliability, wisdom, loyalty.

Green – a symbol of growth, fertility, nature. Green same as blue calms.

Red – naturally attracts an eye and brings us to a state of excitement. Often associated with energy and holidays.

Yellow – a tone of the sun, a symbol of joy. Attracts good memories.

Orange – symbolizes fun, heat, and vital energy.

Brown – it’s a symbol of reliability, stability, in the end, it’s a color of the earth.

Gold – it’s a symbol of wealth and a promise of better times.

Combine fun with education

Print Color by number pictures – is the top collection of educational worksheets for children which requires lots of focus and attention because you need to follow the given instruction step by step. So you have to remember that all coloring fields have assigned digits. Every digit matches a different tone which you’ll find in a description. In this set of printables, you’ll find easier (small amount of digits and colors) and a bit more complicated pictures (with a big amount of digits and colors). Color by number pictures provide the child with great fun for a long time and enhance its numerous mental and manual skills.

Printable color by number pictures for kids is a smart way of spending the afternoon away from all electronic devices, that are so tempting for the little ones. So be a smart parent and show how interesting can be moments spent with a sheet of paper and crayons in your hands. Combine fun with effective education – it’s easier than one could suppose.

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