Printable Frozen coloring pages

Frozen coloring pages are printable pictures of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and his loyal friend reindeer Sven, snowman Olaf and other famous characters from the magnificent Disney animated movie.  All gathered in one place on a beautiful selection of free Frozen coloring pages for girls and boys. They let children explore the world of Frozen even better and recall many of the scenes known from this remarkable Disney movie.

Frozen II coloring sheet

Christman coloring pages Frozen to print

Elsa with Anna coloring page for girls

Anna & Kristoff coloring pages

Frozen sisters Anna & Elsa coloring page

Snowman Olaf coloring pages Frozen for kids

Elsa picture to print and color Frozen

Frozen coloring page Anna Kristoff

Kristoff and Sven coloring page Frozen 2

Free coloring page with snowman Olaf

Frozen coloring pages with Anna

Snowman Olaf and princess Elsa

Horse Nokk coloring page, sheet

Free Frozen coloring page for children with Elsa

Anna picture to color Frozen

Olaf and Sven portrait to color

Frozen 2 coloring page with Olaf snowman

Elsa with Olaf picture to print and color

New Elsa coloring page Frozen picture

Reinderr Sven from Frozen

Portrait of Elsa to print and color

Frozen sisters

Kristoff from frozen

Elsa coloring page

Main characters of Frozen movie on coloring page

Elsa coloring sheets for children

Olaf Frozen -loring pages

Sven reindeer

Coloring picture to download with Hans from Frozen

Anna Frozen printable coloring books

Elsa and Anna

Frozen movie scene

Hans and Elsa Frozen free coloring sheet

Elsa Frozen free coloring page

Image frozen

Kristoff Elsa Olaf

Elsa and Anna as children Frozen coloring sheets

Printable coloring book link

Elsa with Anna Frozen coloring page

Anna Elsa and Olaf

Olaf from Frozen

Polar landscape coloring books

Printable picture frozen

Snowman Olaf coloring page

Frozen Anna Elsa snowman Olaf

Knight and horse

Kristoff riding on Sven

Coloring books to print

Elsa playing with Olaf

Picture with scene from Frozen

Frozen main characters

Frozen two sisters

Sven reindeer Frozen

Olaf sunbathing

In the woods Frozen picture

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1. Who is older: Anna or Elsa?

The older sister is Elsa.

2. What’s Kristoff’s main source of living?

Kristoff harvests ice and sells it to the kingdom of Arendelle.

4. What’s the name of the area that is ruled by Pabbie?

Valley of the Living Rock.

6. What kind of animal is Sven, Kristoff's loyal friend?

Sven is a reindeer.

8. How many older brothers has Hans?

Hans has twelve older brothers.

9. Elsa is the princess of Arendelle or Weselton?

Elsa is the princess of Arendelle.

Free Frozen coloring page Olaf snowman

Olaf and Elsa on coloring page

Frozen II coloring page Elsa and Anna

Big Anna coloring page Frozen

Frozen coloring pages – interesting facts:

  • Producers confirmed that the mothers of Anna and Rapunzel are sisters. It seems that Anna and Rapunzel are cousins.
  • Frozen characters: Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven got their names after Hans Christian Andersen (the author of The Snow Queen). Say his name and last name quickly and you’ll hear the names of Frozen characters.
  • Creating the character of reindeer Sven a real reindeer was brought into Disney’s studio. Thanks to that animators could study its movements and behavior.
  • In a few scenes, you may spot hidden characters from previous Disney fairy tales e.g. Mickey Mouse.
  • Initially, Elsa was meant to be a bad character. Later producers decided to change that.
  • Since the great movie success, the names Elsa and Anna have become increasingly popular for newborn baby girls.
  • As you probably remember Anna’s horse is named Sitron, meaning “lemon” in the Norwegian language.
  • To invoke better inspiration for the movie, the production team actually visited the Canadian Hotel de Glace in Quebec which is made out of ice. They also visited Norway to get inspiration for the movie’s snowy landscapes.

Check pictures from the most famous winter animated movie!

All children will find here a unique collection of free Frozen coloring sheets with the most popular characters of this great animated blockbuster. Of course, there is a coloring page with Elsa and Anna on top of it. The notable kingdom of winter is waiting for you to color its icy world. So be prepared and use the highest levels of your imagination and try to be original choosing colors. Printable Frozen coloring pages are suitable for kids of all ages, even preschoolers and elementary school pupils. They’re also good for both – girls and boys. We know that this animated movie is beloved by kids all around the world so everyone is invited to start coloring its wonderful world.

If you like, you can also try to copy the colors of the characters as you’ve seen in the movie. It is all up to you. Print as many free Frozen coloring pages as you want because they are all for free and without any limits. Elsa, her lovely sister Anna, good-hearted Kristoff, reliable reindeer Sven, and of course friendly snowman Olaf on the best set of pictures to color for kids. So just grab your favorite crayons, print several pictures, and have a lot of fun:) Plus be surprised reading truly interesting facts about Frozen world and its characters. You’ll find it above. And, as usual, you can also try to solve a short quiz. Surely, it’s not the easiest one, but if you’re a true Frozen fan, then it will be a piece of cake for you.

Top printable Frozen coloring pages have diverse difficulty levels, but you’ll easily find pieces that suit your abilities and find the most interesting. Maybe it’s a good idea to print or download the same picture two or more times and try to color it in several different ways? And afterward, compare the results and choose the best one? Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven – they’re all here, so you’ll easily find your favorites. The coloring pages give a lot of opportunities to spend some quality time together with your family so use them anytime you want.

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