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Super Wings coloring pages

Super Wings coloring pages
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Jett delivers packages all over the world and Topcoloringpages delivers the best coloring pages for children and adults. On time, every time! And this time we proudly present all Super Wings leading characters! Meet Jett, Dizzy, Mira, Jerome, Paul, Donnie, Grand Albert, Bello and Jimbo. This absolutely unique collection of free coloring pages for children will surely lift you high into the sky!

Grand Albert Super Wings

Jerome miniature of coloring page

Dizzy - female character of Super Wings series

Bello from Super Wings series

Jett - leading Super Wings plane

Dizzy transformation on coloring sheets

Dizzy on printable coloring sheet

Jimbo printable coloring sheet

Mini picture of Donnie from Super Wings

Donnie to print and color

Mira quality picture to color

Flying Albert and Super Wings logo

Grand Albert coloring book

Paul miniature of printable coloring book

Jerome and Super Wings logo to color

Flying Jett printable picture of Super Wings characters

Paul in action on Super Wings coloring pages

Jett transformed on printable image for kids

Donnie with Bello and Super Wings logo

Mira airplane to color for children

Jett and Super Wings logo on picture to print

Mira and Super Wings logo on image for kids

Two leading Super wings plane on printable coloring picture

Paul the plane in action with Super Wings friends

Jett flying with Donnie printable image to color

Just some logo

Super Wings coloring sheets quiz!

Just place your mouse cursor over the question to see the correct answer!

1. Which of the Super Wings characters is the deep-sea diving plane?

It is Mira.

2. Which plane is great with tools and can fix almost anything?

Donnie is great with tools.

4. Which plane is a retired scout plane who eagerly tells stories of his numerous adventures?

It is Grand Albert. He also sometimes gives moral advice to Jett.

5. In one of the episodes, Jett delivered an archaeology kit for Akiki to explore pyramids chambers. In which country was it?

It was in Egypt

6. Is Dizzy a plane or a helicopter?

Dizzy is a rescue helicopter

Super Wings coloring pages – interesting facts

  • Initially, the authors of the Super Wings series planned that Mira would be a blue plane. Over time, however, they recognized that she would be too similar to Jerome. So they decided to make some changes and finally Mira has a bright green coloration.
  • Although Super Wings exposes preschoolers to the world’s geographical and cultural diversity, it didn’t avoid some mistakes like for example, in the episode when Jett flies to Kenya. In this episode, children found an animal presented as a young wildebeest. The problem is that it’s not how wildebeest actually looks.
  • In the first-ever Super Wings episode, released on 3 December 2013, Jett visited Himalaya and delivered a kite to a boy named Akash who wanted to participate in a kite-flying festival.
  • The USA is the most visited country by the Super Wings crew.
  • In Spanish “Bello” means “Beautiful” and “Mira!” means “Look!”.
  • The oldest plane in the Super Wings team is Grand Albert. He is 56 years old and he is retired bi-plane with a front propeller.

This set of Super Wings coloring books is really awesome. We didn’t miss a single one from all leading Super Wings characters. Meet their new sky-high adventures and color them all. But that’s not all! This section contains also a quiz for children and several interesting facts about Super Wings series which you probably didn’t know about. So prepare you crayons, printer and several pieces of paper because Jett, Mira, Jerome and the rest of flying crew are waiting for you!