Dora coloring pages

Anyone fancy an adventure coloring page? Boots, Backpack, Diego, Grandma, Map, Swiper and many other characters from Dora the Explorer series on great quality coloring books for children. Perfect for kids in kindergarten and early school classes. And for the greatest fans of the series we recommend also a quiz and section with interesting facts.

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Questions about Dora coloring pages

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1. What’s the relation between Diego and Dora?


Diego is her cousin and companion in adventures

2. What’s the favourite vehicle of Benny?


Benny just loves his hot air balloon

3. Which animal (wears gloves and mask) constantly tries to steal something from Dora?


This animal is fox Swiper

4. Which of the characters is familiar with plants and likes to spend free time in a garden?


Isabella is the greatest gardener

5. What’s the color of Dora’s talking backpack?


It’s purple

Dora coloring books – interesting facts:

  • Dora the Explorer has been played in the theater. Two plays were staged in the USA
  • In 2003 Dora was a winner of Peabody Award for unusual input into introducing language skills to kids starting their journey with school
  • First word which Dora taught children was Spanish word „azul” meaning „blue”
  • On production of every single episode work more than 300 people
  • Kids from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland learn to speak and understand Spanish watching the cartoon. In many other countries they learn to speak English
  • Coloring pages with Dora were top searched coloring pages for children in many countries in year 2012 and 2013


Dore the Explorer and her faithful friends are always curious of new adventures and new tasks that have to be fulfilled. Print the coloring pages with those great adventurers and give them vivid colors. Same as you saw in a TV cartoon. A happy world which explore cartoon’s characters will finally come to life and will become more interesting for every child. During coloring, you can try to remind yourself some foreign words learned thanks to Dora and her happy companions. But don’t lose vigilance and watch out for the sneaky fox. He may try to steal your favourite crayons.