Trolls coloring pages

Trolls coloring pages are printable images related to one of the best musical comedy animated film for children of recent years. They present happy, small creatures known from the movie on a set of 40 beautiful printables for kids. Trolls coloring pages contain all top characters, including Branch, Bridget, Chef, King Peppy, DJ Suki, Biggie, Cooper, Bergens, and of course, the main character Poppy. All coloring pages are print & download ready.

Trolls coloring page to print

Dj Suki coloring sheet for kids

King Gristle from trolls film

Barb Trolls 2 printable coloring pages

Cybil coloring sheet Trolls

Trolls logo and Dj Suki image

Free Poppy and Branch coloring page

Printable Delta picture to color Trolls

Two Trolls characters from Trolls movie

Grandma Rosiepuff Trolls coloring page

Printable Poppy and Branch coloring sheet

Hickory coloring sheet Trolls World Tour

Coloring page of Dj Suki

Cooper from Trolls movie

Free Poppy and Branch coloring page

Trolls 2 coloring pages World Tour

Printable Trolls coloring page for free

Happy Birthday card with Trolls

Printable Trolls Poppy coloring page

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Poppy figure to color Trolls

King Peppy coloring picture

Trolls sister coloring page

Printable Viva coloring page Trolls

Troll hand coloring sheet

Poppy from Trolls movie to color

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Trolls coloring page with logo

Cooper troll coloring sheet movie character

Troll Branch coloring page for children

Trolls main character coloring page

Original Trolls logo to print

Biggie coloring page Trolls

Delta Dawn coloring sheets Trolls

Two trolls coloring page with hearts

Prince Gristle coloring sheet

Hilarious picture of Branch from Trolls movie

Funny Trolls coloring sheet to print

King Trollex coloring picture Trolls

Trolls coloring page yoga theme

Trolls character Bridget coloring page

Harper coloring page from Trolls

Chef and Trolls logo

Troll Viva coloring picture for kids

Just some logo

Just place your mouse cursor over a question to see the correct answer

1. What is the title of the song that trolls sing to make the Bergens happy?

“Can’t Stop The Feeling”.

2. Bergens used to imprison trolls to eat or marry them?

To eat them.

4. Is Branch usually happy or grumpy?

He’s rather grumpy.

6. What are the names of the troll twins?

Satin and Chenille.

8. Do trolls like to sing and dance?

Yes, they love it.

9. Is Peppy a knight or a king?

Peppy is a king.

Trolls logo and Branch funny picture

Hickory coloring page Trolls

Poppy and Trolls logo coloring page

Trolls world tour coloring page Barb

Interesting facts about Trolls:

  • This film was produced by DreamWorks Animation, the creators of Shrek!
  • An executive producer for the film’s music was the famous singer and actor Justin Timberlake. The song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” reached number 1 of the radio charts of 17 countries!
  • “Trolls” movie was theatrically released on November 4, 2016, in the United States. A plot of this production was based on the Troll toyline as early as 2010.
  • You can hear a remix of In The Hall of the Mountain King at the very beginning of the movie.
  • A director Mike Mitchell revealed that the film was actually made thirteen times before the final version.
  • In 2003, Toy Industry Association added troll dolls to the Century of Toys List. It’s a hall of fame comprising the 100 most memorable and most creative toys of the 20th century.
  • The old Scandinavian fairytales say that trolls have several special powers and love to make people happier.
  • The disco ball used in the first part of the movie is the same type as you can find in Shrek: Forever After.

DreamWorks Animation masterpiece is here!

DreamWorks Animation did it again! They created the most compelling animated feature film and characters who instantly became the new icons for kids all around the world. So check the coolest set of printable Trolls coloring pages now and dive into the world full of colors, dance and happiness. You’ll find here a number of Poppy’s closest friends known from TV series like Biggie, Chef, DJ Suki,  King Peppy, Cooper, Satin and Chenille and many more, including the most notable Bergens. Free Trolls coloring pages are suitable for both – boys and girls, so print your favorite pictures now. Invite the whole family to join you because coloring together is even more entertaining!

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