Printable fruit coloring pages

Fruits are tasty, very healthy and definitely good for coloring. They have so many colors and shapes that you shouldn’t be bored too quick. So what exactly do we have here? A lot of fruit coloring books with exotic ones like bananas, pineapple. tangerine, lychee, orange and kiwi. And also those from home garden like apple, plum, pear, strawberries, cherry. There is even a picture presenting a dragon fruit! Try to recognize and name all of them. Each child able to name more than a half is a true fruit-master!:)

Apples and a tree

Apples picture to color

Pinnacles pictures for kids

Fruit tangerine to color

Dragon fruit on printable image

Cranberry on a bush coloring sheet

Three bananas

Blueberries coloring books

Three fruits on coloring book

Picture of goosberry to print

Tangerines on topcoloringpages

Bunch of grapes

Tropical fruits and palms

Three peaches coloring page with fruits

Pear with a leaf

Watermelons to color

Banana, pineapple and watermelon coloring pages

A miniature of a coloring page with fruits

Apples in a basket

Apple tree coloring books

Strawberries site to color

Coco printable coloring page

Coloring page with exotic fruits

Fruits coloring pages for children

Two cherries black and white

Bunch of grapes fruits coloring pages

Easy coloring page with fruit

Coloring books with fruits

Plate of fruits in the sun

Kiwi simple coloring page for a child

Strawberries in a pot

Plate of exotic fruits

Raspberries in natural habitat

Melon picture to color for free

Fruits to color for free


Picture of exotic fruit

Peach printable fruits coloring sheets for children

Garden fruits to color

Fruit stand

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Quiz – coloring pages with fruits

Just place your mouse cursor over a question and see a correct answer!

1. What fruit, according to the Bible, picked Eve in Paradise?

It was an apple

2. What fruit species is mirabelle and bullace?

It is a plum

3. Is avocado a fruit?

Yes, although often mistaken for a vegetable

4. How do we call a fruit similar to orange but much smaller?

It’s a tangerine

5. What fruit are raisins made from?

Raisins are made from grapes

Fruit worksheets for coloring and interesting facts:

  • Tasty and juicy melon is actually a species of cucumber.
  • Due to its red color and heart shape, a strawberry used to be a symbol of Venus, the ancient Roman goddess of love.
  • The very first vegetable to be grown in space were potatoes. They were grown by NASA in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison in October 1995.
  • When you put a grape into a microwave and start heating, after a while it explodes.
  • In Scandinavia, children eat fruit soup made from black currant.
  • For many, it is quite a surprising fact that a kiwi fruit contains nearly twice as much Vitamin C as an orange per cup.
  • A single strawberry contains around 200 seeds. What is more, strawberry and raspberry are the only fruits having their seeds on the outside.
  • In Japan grows a type of watermelon which is square. It is very popular but also much more expensive than the traditional type. We haven’t added such coloring page because most of the kids would consider it as a mistake:)
  • Remember that if you take medicines you can neither eat grapefruit nor drink grapefruit juice. It can be very dangerous for your health.

Healthy and tasty pictures for coloring!

Organic printable fruit coloring pages contain those ones known from a home garden, forest, and meadow. Therefore, you will easily find here quality pictures presenting strawberries, bananas, oranges, raspberries, kiwi, apples, watermelons, cherries and even some very exotic species like for example dragon fruit or juicy lychee.

All are extremely sweet, tasty and beneficial for your health condition (unless you are allergic). So after finishing fruit coloring sheets, go to the kitchen and eat one or two! Read also interesting facts about fruits because some of them can be really mind-blowing! Color each fruit carefully so that they will look even tastier. Afterward, it is also a good idea to try to recognize all fruits on pictures and give them the correct names.