Printable cats coloring pages

Cats coloring pages is a collection of free pictures for the whole family. Choose your favorite domestic cats and color them for free. Printable cats coloring sheets is a guarantee of fun at the highest level. And as a bonus, also test your knowledge in the quiz and read interesting facts about cats.

Cat & mouse coloring picture

Little cat coloring picture for kids

Boy and cat coloring page

Kitten coloring page to print

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Cat picture for coloring

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Cat printable pictures

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Cat and mouse coloring picture

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2. Which of these animals is not a cat: a lion, a hippo or a tiger?

A hippo is not a cat.

3. Which of these is not a cartoon cat: Garfield, Tom or Pluto?

Pluto is a dog.

4. Do white tigers exist in the real world?

Yes, they do.

5. What color is Garfield's fur?

It’s orange with black stripes.

8. Can cats hunt?

Yes, most cats are skillful hunters.

9. Are cats herbivores or carnivores?

They are carnivores.

Cats coloring pages

Cats coloring pages to print

Cats coloring sheets

Interesting facts about cats:

  • It’s estimated that there are approximately 500 million domestic cats in the world.
  • Cats have very flexible bodies, powerful night vision, great hearing, and sharp teeth allowing them to hunt for small animals such as mice or birds.
  • Adult domestic cats typically weigh around 4-5 kg (8 -11 lb).
  • Cats don’t like sweets, but they don’t like them either. In fact, they cannot taste “sweet” at all.
  • The average lifespan of a domestic cat is 12 -15 years.
  • Cats can jump 5-6 times their own height.
  • Cats sleep 13-14 hours a day. This is how they store energy for hunting and other daily activities.
  • Cats can drink seawater without worrying about their health. Their kidneys are able to filter the salt out of the water. The human body cannot do this, so you should never drink water from the sea.
  • Not all cats can swim, but some cats do it very well.

Top domestic cats coloring sheets for free!

It’s said that cats like to go their own way. There is certainly a lot of truth to this in this statement. They are beautiful but very independent animals. Certainly, you’ll not teach them the same tricks that dogs can easily perform:) However, most children love cats and like to color them. Free cats coloring pages are great entertainment. You’ll find here domestic cats in many different varieties. There are cats known from books and cartoons. There are also little kittens that are even more adorable than their adult companions. Printable cat coloring sheets is a set that will meet even the most demanding requirements of their fans. This is because they are varied, of great quality, and available for free. You’ll even find some brain exercises for kids. They can be used as educational materials in kindergartens.

Free cats coloring pages for children are several dozen pictures, but also an interesting quiz. Its level of difficulty is adapted to children, but parents can of course help if necessary. It’s because having fun is what counts, not breaking records. Read also various interesting facts about cats. A few of them will surely surprise you. Cat coloring sheets is a new category on and we hope you will have a lot of fun here. Remember that you can print or download each of the rims in PDF format. As many times as you want and always free. So print cat coloring pages now and have a great coloring day!

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