Do you have any problems with printing out our coloring pages? Below you will find some solutions to most common problems.

  1. Coloring page is not printing out
    Sometimes lack of reaction of your printer can be very ordinary so let’s start with the basics. Check if all cables are properly connected and a printer is ON. Check if paper and ink cartridge is loaded. Sometimes restart of your computer may be helpful as well as disconnection of a printer from power for few seconds and reconnection.


  1. Coloring page is printing on few pages instead of single sheet
    To get a correct printout you must remember to set a printout orientation on “vertically”. You may change that in printer’s settings.


  1. Poor print quality
    The most common reason is a low level of ink in a printer. Replace the color ink cartridge and everything should be OK. To print our coloring pages you need regular black ink. If that won’t help then please change “Print quality” for “High” or above in printer’s settings.


If you encounter any other problem please write to us. We will try to help:)

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