Spring coloring page

Spring is a time of the year when flowers bloom, the nature is coming back to life and children start planning their summer break. Everyone feels full of life and energy. For many people this season is the most beautiful time of the year. On Spring coloring pages for children you will surely find a lot of sun and optimism. Have fun!

Sunflower to color Spring picnic children Butterfly on meadow Birds singing on a tree Happy Cow coloring page
Boy works in a garden Little chick and tulips color for free Children having fun on meadow Easter bunny Birds drinking water coloring page
Spring view coloring books Spring time to color for free Girl printable image Butterflies for coloring Spring flowers for coloring
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Spring Sun Insects on a meadow Picnic under the tree Girls eat icecreams Little child girl picture to paint
Butterflies flowers Boy chasing butterflies to color Wedding couple coloring sheet Set of butterflies Spring symbols for coloring

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Quiz – Spring coloring pages

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1. What’s the name of a long-legged bird with long, red bill which eats frogs?


This bird is a stork

2. Do most plants bloom or fade during spring?


Not only flowers, but the whole nature is blooming

3. Is butterfly born beautiful and colorful?


No, at the beginning butterflies look like an average worm. Only later they gain colors and wings.

5. Lamb, bunny and colorful eggs are symbols of which special event?


They are symbols of Easter

6. What big, furry animal awakens after winter sleep? It loves to eat honey.


It is a bear

Spring coloring pages for children – curiosities:

  • In springmost birds are more eager to sing. That attracts partners and scares out enemies.
  • In the past, men in order to welcome spring made a fire on the hill. This was to speed up the arrival of warm and sunny days.
  • In Iran and China together with arrival of spring is celebrated … New Year.
  • In Gloucester, England there is a traditional event held during this time of year. People chase big, round Gloucester cheese rolling down the hill.
  • A person who on the first day of spring is at the North Pole will see the Sun continuously for 6 months. On the other hand, a person who is at the same time at the South Pole will not see the Sun for 6 months.
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Printable spring coloring books present some beautiful views. Butterflies in the meadow, bears woken up from sleep, children at play, bees taking nectar and many more coloring books full of energy and joy. Do you like this season? If yes, then these coloring pages should be one of your favourites. As a bonus, you get from us also a quite interesting quiz and surprising facts about related issues.