Flowers coloring pages to print

Oh just look how amazingly colorful is this category of printable flowers coloring pages. Or rather how it suppose to be after you finish painting all the marvelous pictures we’ve gathered for you here. Print now roses, tulips, buttercup, dahlias, sunflowers, and many other marvelous species. All flower coloring pages are printable and free to use as many times as you wish. So don’t wait any longer and start the fun with your whole family.

A small picture of aster flower

Dahlia coloring worksheet for free

A small picture of lotus flowers to color

A bunch of tulips coloring page

Buttercup picture to color

Dandelion coloring picture for kids

Blooming marigolds coloring page

A small picture of single tulip to color

A picture of cactus for coloring

Hibiskus coloring page to print

A small picture of pansy to print

Rose coloring page to print

A small calendula coloring worksheet

Quality lily coloring sheet

A small picture of peony flower

Printable picture of a rose

Chamomile flower to print and color

Quality lotus flower coloring page

Printable poppy coloring picture

Two blooming roses with thorns

A small picture of sunflower with a name

A basket full of flowers to color

A bouquet of roses to print

A simple flower to print and color

A simple flower to color

A small picture of flowers in a basket

Bouquet of flowers with a ribbon

A small picture of a vase for flowers

Printable cornflower coloring sheet for kids

A miniature of flower coloring picture

A simple picture of tulips in a pot

A picture of an empty vase for flowers

Simple picture of roses in a a vase

Coloring sheet with bunch of flowers

An exotic plant in a pot

Vase full of flowers coloring worksheet for kids

Peace symbol coloring page for kids

Bunch of field flowers to color

A nice picture of roses to color

Flowers and a vase on a simple coloring page

Just some logo

A floral quiz

Just place your mouse cursor over the question to see the correct answer!

Question 2

Which of the popular flowers usually has spikes: a rose or a tulip?


Most of the roses have spikes.

Question 3

Do all the flowers smell nice?


No, some flowers smell pretty badly and some have no smell at all.

Question 4

Do roses exist in colors other than red?


Yes, roses can have many different varieties and colors (e.g. yellow, white or orange).

Question 5

How we call a flower that shares its name with Donald Duck's girlfriend?


It’s a daisy.

Question 6

Can plants be carnivorous?


Yes, for example, a plant named pitcher eats insects.

Interesting facts about flowers:

  • The vast majority of plants can’t survive without access to water and sunlight.
  • Plants have appeared on earth hundreds of millions of years earlier than humans.
  • The corpse lily (Rafflesia arnoldii) is a rare flower to be found in the rainforests of Indonesia. It has the world’s largest bloom and can grow up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) across and weigh up to 11 kilograms (24 pounds). It owes its rather peculiar name to the very unpleasant odor it emits.
  • The world’s smallest known flowering plant is the watermeal (Wolffia globosa). It’s a very common species that can be found all over the planet and its size is comparable to a grain of rice!
  • Sunflowers are very busy plants. They move throughout the day following the movement of the sun – from east to west.
  • A lot of flowers have various symbolic meanings in Western culture. For example, red roses are considered to be a symbol of love and passion. The daisies, in turn, symbolize innocence.
  • The lotus is a holy flower for Buddhists and is very commonly present in the symbolism of this culture. It had a similar meaning to ancient Egyptians.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, and artichoke are very popular vegetables but not everyone knows that they actually are flowers.
  • Cats should definitely avoid eating lilies because they are highly toxic to them.
  • Tulips are edible and its bulb can be substituted for onions.

The most beautifully fragrant category of flower coloring sheets for kids

This set of flower coloring pages is a place that can appeal to both boys and girls. You can find here many exotic but also some more common species. They are all of the great quality and easy to print or download. So check an aster, peony, pansy, marigold, lotus, cactus, rose, tulip, dandelion, cornflower, dahlia, chamomile, calendula and many more. Pick your favorite flower pictures, print them out now, and enjoy time spent with the whole family. You can also use flowers coloring pages as an educational tool and teach your child names of particular plants. Because education combined with fun is doubly effective.