Printable Halloween coloring pages & Pumpkin Day

Print top Halloween coloring pages Pumpkin Day đź‘» This place is full of strange creatures! You’ll find some ghosts, zombies, witches, Jack O’ Lantern, spiders and pumpkins here. But you don’t need to be afraid of them, because these characters are very friendly and smiling. So print your favorite Halloween coloring sheets for free and have fun. We also celebrate here National Pumpkin Day and you can print lovely Pumpkin Day coloring pages.

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Free Pumpkin Day coloring pages

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Funny Halloween coloring page for children

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Printable Halloween coloring pages for children

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Halloween coloring sheets interesting facts:

  • In most countries of the world Halloween is celebrated on October 31st.
  • Less common Halloween names are All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve.
  • Halloween costumes can be funny, cute, personalized or fancy, but the scary ones are still the most popular.
  • It’s not entirely clear when the Halloween celebrations started, but one theory says that the Halloween tradition is a continuation of the Celtic festivals that took place some 2 000 years ago.
  • One tradition says that finding a spider on Halloween night brings good luck.
  • Popular symbols associated with the celebration of this day include owls, spiders, ghosts, pumpkins and witches.
  • The world record for the fastest carving a Jack O’ Lantern is… 9,4 seconds.
  • A persistent and irrational fear of ghosts is called phasmophobia and a fear of witches is wiccaphobia.

Top Halloween & Pumpkin Day coloring pages for kids!

Printable Halloween coloring pages are a category of pictures completely different than the othersđź‘» But this particular autumn day is also completely different from the rest of the year. Most of us then change into various outfits and try to amuse or scare our friends and family a bit. Halloween coloring sheets Pumpkin Day, of course, are full of themes that reign on this day. So here you will find:

  • friendly ghosts
  • spiders in the web
  • fancifully hollow pumpkins (Jack O’ Lantern)
  • smiling witches
  • clumsy zombies
  • mysterious symbols

By the way, what you usually choose: Trick od treat ?;)

An important information for all parents is that all the Halloween coloring sheets that you can find here are pictures for children. You can pick more or less complicated patterns, so that you can choose the right picture for the child’s age. It’s best for children to choose their favorite illustrations, and the coloring will give them even more satisfaction.

National Pumpkin Day is held every October 26 and we couldn’t miss this cute holiday. Printable Pumpkin Day coloring pages are also included here. Print pumpkins of different sorts and color Pumpkin Day coloring sheets for free.

You can print Halloween coloring pages & Pumpkin Day, but also download them to your hard drive. Both options are easy and free. This is one of the most popular fall sets and we will certainly expand it with new pictures. So get ready for even more ghosts, spiders, pumpkins and other cool spooks. Happy Halloween!

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