Children’s Day coloring pages

Printable children’s day coloring pages 🧒 children are the most important here. It’s a set of pictures dedicated to this very special day. Children all over the world should always be smiling and happy. And this is what we wish you – all year round, not only on Children’s Day. Print children’s day coloring sheets now and have great fun.

Children in a bus coloring page

Boy with a toy coloring pages

Happy Children's Day coloring sheet for kids

Children's day greeting card

Happy boy and girl coloring page

Kids drawing Happy Children's Day coloring page

Happy children's day free coloring page

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Happy Children's Day coloring page for free

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Remote control toy coloring page

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Children's day printables

Kids day coloring pages

Kids riding the train coloring page for Children's Day

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International Children's Day coloring pages

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International Children's Day coloring sheets

Kid's day coloring pages

International Children's Day printable coloring pages

Childrens day logo to color

Free coloring pages for Children's Day

Children's day logos coloring sheets

Free printables for Childrens Day

Children’s Day interesting facts:

  • Children’s Day was first celebrated in the USA in 1856.
  • Children’s Day is celebrated in some countries on various dates but most often on June 1.
  • Mozart’s children teased him by playing incomplete scales on the piano. Mozart, as a great musical genius, could not stand it!
  • Children are born with 300 bones, which is almost 50% more than adults. Over time, some bones fuse together, and their number is reduced to 206.
  • 60% of all energy a child spends is consumed by his/her brain.

Printable children’s day coloring sheets

Finally, printable children’s day coloring sheets are here👶 Children’s Day is a very special day not only for kids but for all family members. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and spend some time together. And the free children’s day coloring pages are perfect for this purpose. These cool Children’s Day printables include a dozen or so high-quality pictures to print or download in PDF format. You’ll find a lot of smiling & happy children on them. All pictures are completely free and unique.

International Children’s Day can be celebrated in a variety of ways. It could be going out with your parents for ice cream or to the park. In schools and kindergartens, special sports competitions and quizzes are often organized. Sometimes children are also given small gifts on this day, such as LEGO sets, Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels cars, teddy bears, sweets, interesting books, board games or cinema tickets. Coloring can also be an interesting and fun element of this celebration. You can color the Children’s Day coloring pages with your parents or a group of friends. We hope you enjoy it and at the end of the day you will go to bed with a smile on your face and great memories.

Children's day coloring page with kids

Boy playing with cars

Happy children's day greeting card for coloring

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