Happy New Year coloring pages

Happy New year coloring pages – here we celebrate the last day of the year, which in most countries of the world falls on December 31st. This is the time we usually spend having fun and making plans for the New Year. New Year’s coloring sheets are a guarantee of amazing fun for the whole family!

Dog & balloon coloring page for New Year

Happy New Year printable coloring sheet

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Shopkins New Year coloring pages

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Kids New Year coloring sheets

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Happy New Year dog coloring picture for kids

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Fireworks printable coloring sheet

Easy coloring page for New Year

Fireworks printable coloring sheet

Interesting facts about New Year coloring pages:

  • According to the discoveries of scientists, the oldest celebrations related to the coming of the new year were probably held in ancient Babylon about 4,000 years ago.
  • Chinese New Year (also called Lunar New Year) is the most important holiday in China.
  • The people of Kiribati in the Central Pacific are the first to celebrate the arrival of the New Year each year.
  • According to statistics, the most common New Year’s resolution is to improve your health. Unfortunately, statisticians also report that most of the New Year’s resolutions are abandoned until February.
  • It’s an Italian tradition that people wear red underwear on the New Year. This is supposed to bring happiness and abundance throughout the year.
  • It’s a Spanish tradition to eat 12 grapes for good luck on New Year’s Day. Each grape is to symbolize one of the coming months.
  • In Denmark, Danes throw unused plates at the front door of family and friends for good luck.
  • In Bolivia, coins are put into sweet New Year’s pastries. Whoever finds them is guaranteed to be lucky next year.
  • In Turkey, happiness and peace in the new year are to be brought by sprinkling salt on the doorstep as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the New Year.

Print New Year coloring sheets

Printable coloring pages for the New Year are pictures where the fun of children goes on! Here you will find exciting fireworks, fancy balloons, bottles of delicious champagne, colorful confetti, merry hats, dancing, parties, and much more. And all this to make this special day even more wonderful. Happy New Year coloring pages are a variety of pictures with different levels of complexity, so every child will find something for themselves. You can print them on the last day of the year as part of the New Year’s party.

These are Happy New Year coloring sheets that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else and we hope you will enjoy them. The New Year is a holiday that is celebrated differently in different countries of the world, but everyone hopes that the future will bring happiness, peace, health, and prosperity. And we wish you this too! Plus lots of coloring. And the Happy New Year coloring sheets, you can print for free whenever and wherever you want. Be sure to read some interesting facts as well, because some of them will surely surprise you. You will also learn about interesting customs that are cultivated in various more and less exotic places of the world. You can also easily download New Years coloring pages as PDF. You can save them on your hard drive and print them

Shopkins New Year coloring page

Funny happy new year coloring pages

Kids New Year party coloring page

Happy New Year coloring sheet to print

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