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Dot to dot worksheets – this set of educational coloring pages requires connecting numbers dot to dot, one after another. In the end, you’ll see the complete picture, which you can color the way you like. This exercise helps develop children’s patience, ability to focus, and accuracy. The level of complexity is various so choose pictures appropriate to your age and manual skills. And don’t worry if you make a mistake. Just print it out one more time and start over.

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Quiz – connect numbers educational pictures

If you want to see the correct answer just place your mouse over a question!

2. What’s the name of a science where we add, subtract, multiply etc.?

This science is Mathematics.

3. What’s the name for result of adding?

It’s a sum.

4. How do we call an small electronic device used to perform mathematical operations?

This device is named a calculator.

5. How many zeros has one thousand?

One thousand is 1000 so three zeros.

6. How many months has one year?

One year has twelve months.

Connect numbers seal printable worksheets for children

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Connect the dots – interesting facts about numbers:

  • „7” is most often picked as our favorite number. In the most studies, about 10% of people point seven as their favorite digit. Next in a row is “3”.
  • In some cultures „13” is considered an unlucky number. Some hotels and offices don’t have rooms with this number at all as well as the thirteenth floor of the building. Napoleon Bonaparte never allowed to start dinner if there were 13 guests at the table. Someone else had to be invited.
  • The digits which we use today were found over 1000 years ago in the culture of Indo-Arab. That is why we call them Arabic numerals.
  • One piece of paper can be folded in half up to 9 times and not a single time more. Try it yourself if you don’t believe it:)
  • In the Thai language number 555 is read as „hahaha”, and that causes lots of laughs.
  • A long time ago, before the number was invented, people for determination of amount used their own fingers.
  • Zero was not recognized as a number by the Ancient Greeks. What is more, they even argued whether 1 was a number or not.

Connect the dots pictures – this set of educational dot to dot images will be complete and ready for coloring only after all of the numbers are connected one after another – dot to dot. You can try to guess what is on the picture beforehand. Afterward, connect them to see if you were right. Also, remember to color a picture in the end so the task is completed in 100%. And when you finish coloring your favorite coloring page then you can try to design such a picture yourself. It’s not easy, but having some practice, you’ll surely achieve marvelous effects. Other children will definitely be stunned seeing your own educational image!

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