Prince and princess coloring pages

Beauty, glamour, grace, and chic – that is the best description for this set of printable princes coloring pages for girls. Princess, princes, queens, kings, dignified horses and even unicorns are waiting for you to color them. All little girls usually dream to be a beautiful princess one day. And that’s why we strongly believe that it may be one of their favorite places on

Printable picture of Princess Sofia

Princess with animals

Queen's horse coloring book

Little princess coloring sheet for girls

Princess and her horse

Little mermaid

Princess sitting

Orient princess coloring page

Princess Sofia exclusive coloring picture

Princess in a tower

Queen and her horse

Indian princess coloring sheets

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Little fairy

Asian princess coloring page full body

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Princess and prince are dancing

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Queen on a throne

Beautiful queen

Princess coloring page for girls

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Beautiful princess with birds coloring page

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Queen princess

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Children king and queen

Princess and a castle

Three queens Disney

Eastern princess

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Mermaid dreaming

Beautiful queen on balcony to color

Queen and seven dwarfs

Queen's portrait coloring page

Queen from Aladdin

Princesses coloring books for free

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Questions about Princess coloring pages

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1. Pocahontas is a daughter of Chief Powhatan or Chief Wiggum?

Chief Powhatan.

2. Who were the medieval warriors who defended castles: gladiators or knights?


4. Do queens and kings still exist these days somewhere in the real world?

Yes e.g. in Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Monaco.

6. What’s the name of a lavish chair occupied by a king?

It’s a throne.

8. Elsa is the protagonist of what Disney animated film?


9. Is Princess Ariel a mermaid or a unicorn?

Ariel is a mermaid.

Princess Sofia and birds coloring pages

Coloring pages for girls with princess Sofia and a bird

Princess on the balcony coloring sheet

Princess with her horse picture to colour

Princess coloring sheets – interesting facts:

  • The youngest Disney Princess is Snow White. She’s just 14 years old in a fairy tale.
  • Pocahontas is the only Disney Princess which character was based on a real person.
  • Pocahontas is also the only Disney Princess who has a tattoo.
  • It is known that Cinderella was Walt Disney’s favorite heroine.
  • Snow White and Rapunzel both come from Bavaria. It is a region of Germany.
  • Princesses coloring pages have the highest percentage of girl-visitors on the whole

Probably the most charming pictures on Topcoloringpages

How wonderful would it be to be a princess or a prince, don’t you think? Fame, glamour, power, own carriage, and servants… it’s good to have brave dreams:) It may not be too easy to achieve it though. So before you’ll sit on a throne, check this set of free printable princes coloring pages for girls showing princesses from various fairy tales: Disney Princesses, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Sofia, Pocahontas and much more.

Did you know that princesses still live in many countries around the world? They don’t always live in stately palaces and ride horses, but in many ways their lives are completely unique. So it’s worth dreaming about living in a royal court, because it is not impossible.
Princess coloring pages also show the costumes and decorations of princesses from different parts of the world. You will find here, for example, princesses from India and Japan. You can compare them and determine for yourself what the differences are. And then, of course, it is worth coloring such shapes to give their dresses additional charm and grace.

You’ll find here beautiful ball gowns and interesting scenes from a princes’ everyday life. All coloring pictures are here for you absolutely for free and ready to be printed on A4 paper size. Click, print, and color! But hey… wait! Did I see a unicorn?!

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