Birthday coloring pages & invitations

Printable coloring pages for birthdays 🎁 are pictures with balloons, gifts, birthday cakes, as well as printed invitations for birthdays. Invite your friends to your birthday party and color some pictures together! They are free, print-ready, of great quality, and very cheerful!

Happy Birthday picture with unicorn

Funny invitation for birthday party

Birthday coloring sheets for kids

4-th birthday party printable invitation

Happy Birthday card with Trolls

5-th birthday printable coloring page

Pusheen birthday card for coloring

Printable coloring page invitation for birthday party

Shopkins cake with candles coloring sheet

7-th birthday printable invitation coloring page

Birthday party invitations for children

Printable coloring birthday cards

Printable birthday coloring card

Happy birthday coloring sheets for children

Free coloring page balloons and gift box

Birthday coloring pages candle

Birthday balloons coloring sheets

Birthday cards to print

Cup cake printable coloring pages

Birthday party animals coloring pages

Interesting facts about birthday:

  • Tradition says that if a person blows out all the candles on his/her birthday cake, then his/her wish will come true.
  • Giving gifts improves the state of mind, so it also benefits the person giving the gift.
  • Red gift wrapping paper means happiness in Chinese culture.
  • 31 536 000 seconds – this is how long it takes from one birthday to the next.
  • The first known birthday cakes were actually… bread cakes and they in no way resembled today’s sweet and colorful cakes.

Top birthday coloring pages

Birthday is a very special day for every child 🍰 Everyone wants their birthday to be special and unforgettable! There are many ways to do this, but here we recommend our new printable birthday coloring pages. These are pictures that you can print and make your birthday even more enjoyable! Coloring can be a great activity that will integrate all children during your birthday party.

Or maybe you want to print some birthday invitations? Of course, you can also color them, and add the data of the invited friends and family members. Free birthday coloring sheets will make any birthday party successful. And the author of the most beautifully colored picture should get an extra large piece of cake as a reward.

Happy birthday coloring page gift

Happy birthday coloring page with unicorn

Birthday balloons coloring page

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