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Champions League of coloring sheets is right in front of your eyes. Top designs, great quality, different styles – that makes them so beloved by all children. And what’s more special in this set of football coloring pages? They all are related to this most beautiful game in the world: great goals, clumsy referee, focused goalkeeper, fantastic dribbling, crests of FC Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid. All little football (also called as soccer) fans will be stunned!

FC Barcelona crest coloring page

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Kids playing football game

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Quiz – football coloring pages

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1. Which football club has the motto ‘Més que un club’?

It’s a Spanish club FC Barcelona.

2. Which national team does Lionel Messi represent?

Lionel Messi represents national football team of Argentina

4. Where does Christiano Ronaldo come from?

He’s from Portugal

5. Which English city does Arsenal ‘The Gunners’ represent?

Arsenal represents London

6. How often does the FIFA World Cup take place?

Every four years

Football coloring sheets & interesting facts:

  • Football (in the USA commonly known as “soccer”) is the most popular, most practiced and most watched sport in the world.
  • The best striker in the history was Brazilian Arthur (called El Trigo) who between 1920-1940 scored 1329 goals.
  • A long time ago, football matches were held without referees. English gentlemen didn’t take into consideration that players could cheat or foul. Instead, each team had an umpire who settled disputes or controversial situations.
  • A player of Atletico Mineiro, Edmilson Ferreira, made the opposite team (America MG) very angry by scoring a goal while eating a carrot.
  • Quite an untypical course had one of the Madagascan league matches in 2002. Players of Stade Olympique l’Emryne on purpose shot themselves goals in protest over unjust refereeing decisions in previous matches. The match ended with the result 0:149!
  • Italian Giuseppe Meazza during the semi-final of World Cups in 1938 took a unique penalty kick. Well, his pants broke and he had to shoot while holding to not lose them:)
  • Sheffield F.C. founded on October 24, 1857, is considered the oldest football club in the world.
  • During most of the professional football games, players run around 10 km.

The best pictures for soccer fans?

This series of pictures is, no doubt, a true Champions League among football coloring pages for children! Did you know that this game, also called a soccer, is the most famous sports discipline in the whole world? And here we present a selection of great quality printable football coloring sheets for the youngest fans of this exciting sports discipline. Ready to be colored awaiting e.g. original crest of Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelona, Espanyol, Manchester United, Arsenal London, Tottenham London and Italian Juventus Turin.

W also offer a portrait of Neymar, referee and many others sport’s motives. Each picture is ready to be printed on a simple home printer on A4 size paper. This category of free images will most probably suit more to boys, but of course, we also warmly welcome all girls willing to join us here. Do you like to watch matches? Then you should definitely start browsing our football coloring pages from this category!