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Printable horses coloring pages is a place where you’ll find 40+ of the best and most interesting coloring pages with horses of various types. These are horses known from fairy tales, cartoons, but also more realistic patterns. All horse coloring pages available here can be downloaded or printed absolutely free. Color them as your imagination tells you, and not necessarily the way they really look.

Nice horses coloring sheet

Nice picture of a horse

Horse picture to color

Dot to dot horse image

Happy horse coloring page

Mommy horse and colt coloring page

Simpole horse coloring picture

Maze for kids with smiled horse

Easy coloring page with a small horse

Hors printable picture to color

Posh horse coloring sheet

Maze worksheets for preschoolers

Back of a horse coloring sheet

Wild horse mustang coloring page

Picture of horse head

Nice maze for kids with a horse

Wild horses coloring sheet to print

Horse head coloring picture

Picture of horse for coloring for kids

Maze for preschoolers with horseshoes

Printable horse maze coloring worksheet

Horses coloring pictures

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Simple pony coloring page horse

Horse with saddle coloring sheet

Hay coloring page

Stallion coloring sheet to print

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Horseshoe coloring sheet

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2. What is the name of a horse's fast run: gallop or trot?

We call it gallop.

3. Which is bigger: a horse or a pony?

A horse is bigger.

4. Do horses have tails?

Yes, they do.

6. What is the name of a piece of metal that is nailed to the underside of a horse's hoof?

It’s a horseshoe.

7. Are horses carnivores or herbivores?

They are herbivores. They love to eat e.g. hay and carrots.

8. Do horses have good hearing?

Yes, even better than humans.

Big horse and colt coloring page

Saddled horse coloring page

Cartoon horse pony coloring page

Wild horse coloring page for kids

Interesting facts about horses and ponies:

  • Horses can easily sleep standing up.
  • Racehorses may run at speeds exceeding 65 km/h (40 mph). However, they can gallop that fast for a maximum of a few minutes as it is very exhausting for them.
  • Pony is an adult horse that measures less than (147 cm) 58 inches at the withers.
  • There are over two hundred pony breeds worldwide.
  • Horses are unable to breathe through their mouth.
  • The average lifespan of a horse is 25 -30 years.
  • Horses are social animals and love the company of other horses.
  • A horse’s heart weighs approximately 4.5 kg (10 lb).
  • Horseback riding is often recommended as a form of therapy for people with various disabilities..

Top horse & ponies coloring pages are here!

Horses are, without a doubt, extremely friendly and charming animals. You will meet them in numerous fairy tales, cartoons, and movies. And they always play positive roles there as true friends and travel companions. They have accompanied people since the dawn of history and helped us in our development. So it’s no wonder that children all over the world just love horses. Printable coloring pages with horses are a portion of beautiful pictures that you can print on any standard printer. Here you will find top horse coloring pages, ponies, horseshoes, equestrian helmets, and a haystack. All printable pictures are completely free to use and of good quality.

They can be used, for example, as an educational tool for children. They can also be a form of casual fun. Use them freely and share them with your friends and family members. Free horses coloring pages include 40 illustrations for children of different ages, plus an interesting quiz. You will also find some interesting facts about horses, ponies, their lives and habits. At, learning meets education in the most enjoyable way. Nature and the world around us are beautiful, which is why such motives very often appear here. In addition to horses, you will also find birds, dinosaurs, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other fascinating animals living in different parts of the world. Therefore, check regularly and see also other categories of educational coloring pages for children.

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