Christian coloring pages

Christian coloring pages are pictures presenting many notable scenes from the Holy Bible and modern Catholic family life. They are useful to teach children about Jesus Christ – son of the almighty God, his life and good deeds while coloring beautiful coloring pages. Find out more about Christian symbols, foundations of faith, the most important values in life and what to do to be a good man. Christian coloring pages will surely be very helpful here.

Portrait of a catholic church

Miniature of picture presenting Moses on a mountain

A miniature of catholic picture for coloring

Happy family

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Child Jesus and his parents

A nun coloring sheet

Birth of Jesus on coloring sheet

Father With children

Christianity for children

Family coming back from a church

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Biblical David on coloring sheet

Christian family

Great flood

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Team Jesus logo miniature

Jesus Christ blessing picture

Coloring page with maze

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Jesus Christ preaches coloring page

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good Samaritan

Jesus as a infant

Sheppard comic style

Saint Francis

Priest coloring page

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Jesus birth

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Christ - friend of children

Christian children

Christs' parents

Christianity coloring pages

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Jesus Christ son of God

Jesus' miracles

Christianity for children

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Mary with Jesus

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Quiz – Christian coloring sheets

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1. What is the smallest country in the world (the Pope lives there)?

This country is the Vatican.

2. What were the names of Jesus’ parents?

Mary and Joseph.

4. In which city was Jesus born?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

5. Who were the parents of Cain and Abel?

Their parents were Adam and Eve.

6. What river was Jesus baptized in?

Jesus was baptized in river Jordan.

Christian coloring pages and interesting facts about Christianity:

  • Papaphobia is a real disease, luckily not very common though… it is a fear of the Pope!
  • There are minimum of seven Christian churches built in Antarctica.
  • Armenia was the very first country to adopt Christianity as a State Religion. It happened in the year 301.
  • From the IV to VI Centuries it was the main religion in Egypt. It is not any longer now.
  • Going to church has a proven positive impact on health: Services lowers blood pressure.
  • Fewer people in the whole of Europe go to church on Sunday than in the whole of China.
  • Although Christianity is religion commonly practiced in many countries around the world, the largest number of practicing followers live in North America, South America, and in Europe.

Free, printable Christian coloring pages with the history of Christianity can be a great supplement for knowledge acquired at school and at home. It is the perfect combination of learning with fun! Here you can easily download and color many pictures related to the Holy book – Bible, Scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, and his beloved friends. You will also find here an image of a Catholic church and a picture of a happy Christian family.