Free Shopkins coloring pages

And here’s one more place on our website designed for the little collectors. Shopkins coloring pages are 40 unique pictures presenting Shoppies, Petkins, grocery items, tiny toys, and even Shopkins logo. Print them all and color as many times as you want. And don’t forget to read a bunch of interesting facts. You can get greatly surprised!

Small Shopkins logo printable version

Disco Shopkins set coloring picture

Bobby bubble gum Shopkins coloring pages

Printable picture fairy shoes

World Vacation logo to print

Shopkins fruits printable coloring sheet

Shopkins bouquet coloring page for girls

Fish flakes coloring sheet for girls

Shopkins shoes coloring sheet to print

Shopkins grocery items coloring page

Shopkins cherries coloring page with logo

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Shopkins apple and logo to color

Chelsea charm coloring page Shopkins

Black and white watermelon punch coloring picture

Top Shopkins coloring pages

Free Shopkins item coloring picture

Printable cupcake queen coloring sheet

Smiled Shopkins muffin coloring page

Party gift Shopkins coloring page

Shopkins fruit strawberry coloring worksheet

Shopkins coloring picture of Bubbleisha

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Pops bubble blower to color

Teacup coloring page to print

Printable picture of Bubbleisha Shopkins

Shoppies Shopkins coloring pages

Halloween coloring page Shopkins

Shopkins watch for girls to color

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Free Shopkins coloring page for girls

Shopkins diray high quality coloring page

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Jessicake coloring picture Shopkins

Rainbow Kate doll to color

Shopkins toy on coloring page for a girl

Shopkins cake with candles coloring sheet

Free Kristea coloring page for girls with shoppie

High-quality Rosie Bloom coloring page Shopkins

Strawberry Shopkins coloring page

Cheeky cherries coloring page to print

Printable Shopkins cakes coloring page

Original Shopkins logo black and white

Interesting facts about Shopkins world!

  • Every single Shopkins character has its own name, face, hobby, hang out, and BFF. There are around 140 different characters to collect per each season.
  • The producer of these extremely popular toys is the company called Moose Toys based in Australia and founded in 1985. The originator of the whole Shopkins idea was Jacqui Tobias – director of girls’ products and the mother of one of the company’s high-ranking employees. Once again, it turned out that mums know best what is good for children!
  • Shopkins were almost instantly loved by children around the world. The first batch of these toys was released on the market in 2014 and by December 2015 over 115 million pieces had been sold worldwide.
  • The characters are classified based on their rarity. The basic division is: common, exclusive, limited edition (for example Cupcake Queen and Marsha Mellow), rare, special edition, and ultra rare. The rarer the item, the more expensive and more desirable it usually is.
  • Shopkins was the top-selling toy in the United States in 2015. Whereas in 2016, their Scoops Ice Cream Truck won the Toy Industry Association’s Girl Toy of the Year award.
  • In times of the highest popularity of the brand, some stores started to limit the number of items that a single customer can purchase at once.
  • Some of the limited edition characters were named after Moose Toys top employees, like for example, Yolanda Yo-Yo or Kylie Cone.
  • The little holes which you can find in the bottom of some of the toys can be used for displaying them on pencils (usually the size fits perfectly!).

Shopkins coloring sheets arrived!

We just couldn’t resist anymore… And to be honest, we don’t want to do it either. So now we can proudly announce that this special moment arrived and Shopkins frenzy reached And what does it mean to you exactly? That you can pick the best set of Shopkins coloring pages totally for free and print them anytime and as many times as you want. This section was primarily designed for girls visiting our service but we know that a lot of boys adore these little collectibles so everyone is invited! The whole family can have fun together. Print your favorite grocery items, Petkins, Shoppies, logos, and other Shopkins characters coloring pages including World Vacation and Wild.

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