Motorcars coloring sheets

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This is probably the coolest set of coloring pages for children worshiping cars. You’ll find here many different models and types of motorcars. Completely new and shiny racing cars and right next to them, the classic oldtimers. We even have a concrete mixer, firetruck and an ambulance. Print coloring page with your favorite vehicle and try to color it in several ways. Then you can decide which color fits the best. Is it red like classic Ferrari or rather yellow like Lamborghini? You decide!

Rescue car to color

Ferrari to color

Classic cars

Driving a car printable image

A classic truck

VW Beetle

Two rescue car on coloring picture

Police car coloring page

Image with car to color

Fast sport car

Old type of motorcar

Fireman in truck coloring page

Racing cars to color

Dodge Viper coloring books

Sports car printable image

Formula 1 image for coloring

Formula One Race

Easy coloring books for boys

Old convertible picture to paint


Buggy race

Car coloring page for boys

Toy car coloring page

Happy toy car

Concrete mixer on a road

Medics rescue car

Small car picture for children

Image to color Volkswagen

Cistern coloring page

Firefighters coloring pages

High speed car

concrete mixer auto

Front of a motorcar

Old motorcar to color

Lamborghini coloring books for free

Just some logo

Quiz – Cars coloring books for children

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1. Carrera and 911 are models of what brand of cars?


It’s German producer of cars – Porsche

2. Where does Ferrari come from?


Ferrari was invented in Italy

4. One of Ford’s models has the same name as the breed of horse? What model is it?


It’s Ford Mustang

5. How do we call an element of a car that gives audible warning?


Audible warning gives horn

6. How do we call a lockable room by the house where we can park a car?


This place is garage

Motorcars coloring pages – interesting facts:

  • The first speeding ticket was issued in 1902.
  • The fastest serial car in the world, Bugatti Veyron (coloring page above), reaches a top speed of 408 km/h. Up to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds.
  • The longest traffic jam was recorded in 1980 on the route between Paris and Lyon. It was almost 180 kilometers long.
  • „Ferrari” is the third most popular last name in Italy and means blacksmith.
  • The winner of the Indianapolis race 500 instead of getting a traditional bottle of champagne gets a bottle of milk.
  • Do not confuse Cars with Motorcars coloring pages. Cars coloring pages consist exclusively pictures from Disney animation.


Printable coloring pages with the coolest motorcars from all over the world. You may choose between sports cars, off-road cars, trucks, rescue vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicle and much more. Our coloring books with sports cars contain even Ferrari, McLaren F1 and Bugatti Veyron. They can ride really, really fast. Many young and big boys are dreaming about having one of those for them own. So get prepared for a big portion of awesome coloring. All children are invited, but their dads too! Steady, set, go!