Minions coloring pages

Dozens of little, funny and energetic yellow creatures known by children all around the world. Now on Topcoloringpages – waiting for your crayons. All Minions love bananas and to get in trouble form time to time. With them, there are also their human friends: Margo, Agnes, Lucy and of course grumpy Gru. Print your favorite pictures and prepare all shades of yellow. Each coloring page is for free!

Kevin minion Agnes attacks Gru Happy Birthday coloring page Minion Dracula 4 Minions on one picture
Bello picture to print Coloring book with Carl Happy Agnes printable image Lucy coloring book to print Gru printable picture to color
Margo from minions Minion alien cosmic style Dog from Minions Minion flying on the rocket Printable coloring books for children
Despicable me characters Agnes with her unicorn Ninja style Minion image Minions pictures for free Picture for free to print and color
Three Minions Two minions coloring page Minion with guitar Funny picture to print for children Minion with birthday cake
Bad evil minion Gru with Minions Stuart with bananas Christmas style minion Coloring sheet with despicable me

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Quiz – Minions coloring page

To see the right answer just place your mouse over a question!

1. What’s the name of Scarlet Overkill’s husband?


His name is Herb

2. What are the names of Gru’s adopted daughters in the Minions 2?


They are Margo, Edith and Agnes

3. Which Minion has one eye: Kevin, Stuart or Bob?


One eye has only Stuart

5. What’s the color of bad Minion?


It is purple

6. Who is the tallest: Kevin, Bob or Stuart?


The tallest one is Kevin

Minions coloring pages – interesting facts:

  • They firstly appeared in animated comedy Despicable Me.
  • In Despicable Me all Minions have only 5 hairstyles.
  • Bad Minions have purple color because yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the color spectrum.
  • Every Minion is able to survive in space because they don’t need oxygen and they’re resistant to freeze.
  • Their language consists of English, Spanish, Italian, French, Korean and even Russian words.
  • Most of them have masculine names.
  • They were invented because producers thought that Gru’s character would be more liked by kids.
  • Minions coloring pages started to be popular after the first animated movie “Despicable me” in 2010 but they popularity boosted after “Despicable me 2” in 2013.


Bob, Kevin, Stuart and the rest of the crazy pack of friends make trouble on! They are probably searching for a new evil master to help him. They’ve already served Gru, T. Rex, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and even Dracula. Who’ll be next? It’s hard to guess. All we know is that coloring pages with Minions need lots of yellow and blue color. So children! Sharpen your crayons, print favorite coloring page and have fun. Don’t forget to check a quiz and interesting facts too.