Coloring pages with motorbikes

This set of coloring pages is as fast as light! Children will find here the fastest and the coolest motorbikes from all over the world. And after coloring there is also a quiz to solve + pack of interesting facts to read about modern and a little bit older motorbikes. Enjoy!

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Quiz – Motorbikes coloring books for children

Would you like to see correct answers? Just place your mouse cursor on a question.

1. What you should always wear on your head while riding a motorbike?


You should always wear a helmet.

2. Are there any motorbikes produced in Italy?


Yes Italy produces many great motorbikes e.g. Ducati, Piaggio Vespa, Gilera

3. How do we call a popular motorbike sport where bikers ride around a race track?


This sport is called speedway

4. Where is usually installed a front brake in motorcycle?


It’s installed on motorcycle’s handle bars

5. What’s the name of the famous American motorcycle brand with specific wide handle bars?


This famous motorcycle brand is Harley Davidson

Motorcycles coloring books – amazing facts:

  • Suzuki Hayabusa – Japanese motorcycle was the first produced single track vehicle which exceeded the speed of 300km/h.
  • Gunbus – is the biggest motorbike in the world. It weights up to 650 kg it means its heavier than a car Fiat 126p. Morover it is almost 3,5 meters long.
  • According to historical materials one of the first inventors of motorbikes was…. Leonardo da Vinci.
  • One of the most popular producers of racing motorbikes – Yamaha at the beginning of its business was producing… pianos.
  • Former pilot Bill Baxter while riding a motorbike Kawasaki Ninja reached a speed 265 km/h. It wouldn’t be so unusual if Bill wasn’t a blind man that time.


This set of coloring pages left scent of exhaust, burning rubber and amazing adventures. Additionally roar of engines and no speed limits (but only here, on public roads you should always obey the law). It cannot be different. You’ll find here the coolest printable coloring books with motorcycles for children. None of our small fans should feel disappointed. Pick your crayons, print coloring page and… Ready, set go!