My Little Pony coloring pages

Check this awesome set of My Little Pony coloring pages including characters known from Friendship Is Magic and Equestria Girls. Join unicorn ponies Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, a dragon Spike and other inhabitants of Ponyville. All pictures are available to download or print. High quality guaranteed!

MLP logo and ponies coloring picture

My Little Pony free coloring picture

Applejack My Little Pony coloring page

Equestria girls coloring pages for girls

Quality My Little Pony coloring page

A pony to color for free

Aria Blaze picture to color

Applejack coloring sheet to print

My Little Pony movie logo to print

Manga-style picture for girls to print

High quality Fluttershy coloring page

Printable picture of funny pony

Printable My Little Pony logo to color

Flying pony and My Little Pony logo

Good Quality Rainbow Dash coloring sheet

A little applejack coloring sheet

Frontal picture of a pony to color

Princess Rarity coloring picture for girls

Sunset Shimmer coloring sheet for girls

My Little Pony simple picture to color

Queen Novo picture to color

Rainbow Dash printable coloring picture

Princess Twilight coloring page for a girl

Star Swirl coloring page, sheet

My Little Pony movie coloring page for girls

Miniature of Rarity coloring page

My Little Pony coloring page for girls

Vertical MLP coloring page

MLP Movie character to color

Winter MLP Twilight pony

Small version of Rainbow Dash coloring page

Pony with wings coloring page

Queen Novo coloring sheet to print

Good quality picture of Applejack

My little pony coloring page Royal Guards

My Little Pony coloring page, sheet

Princess Twilight coloring page to print

Smiled Pinkie Pie coloring page

Dragon Spike and a pony coloring picture

MLP printable coloring sheet

Just some logo

Hover your mouse cursor over a question to see the correct answer

1. Nightmare Moon is a good or a bad character?

Nightmare Moon is a villain.

2. Which pony likes muffins and have a mark of bubbles?

It’s Derpy Hooves.

4. What's the name of Twilight's little dragon?

It’s Spike.

6. What's the name of Rarity's little sister?

Her name is Sweetie Belle.

8. What Element of Harmony possesses Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight Sparkle possesses the element of magic.

9. A town in Equestria is: Ponytown or Ponyville?


A little dragon Spike and pony coloring page

Twilight Sparkle coloring page

My Little Pony and butterflies

Interesting facts about My Little Pony coloring pages:

  • Pinkie Pie was originally supposed to be called Pegasus and is the only pony of the 6 whose name doesn’t match her Cutie Mark.
  • The creator of the whole My Little Pony idea was Bonnie Zacherle. Her father was a veterinarian who cared for numerous quarantined animals including a pony named Knicker when Bonnie was a child. Knicker was her favorite animal and she suffered a lot when they had to part. She never erased it from her memory and as an adult woman, she helped Hasbro create a toy pony. It was a great commercial success and that’s how the great career of the My Little Pony series began.
  • Names of the very first 6 ponies which debuted in 1982 were: Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Minty, Blossom, and Cotton Cany.
  • The television debut of famous ponies was an animated television series entitled “My Little Pony ‘n Friends” which premiered in September 1986. It ran however only for two seasons.
  • Celesta was originally not going to be a princess but a queen.
  • In Japan Applejack is a character that has a quite big subculture dedicated to her. The reason is that the cowboys’ culture is very strong in Japan.
  • The name “Zecora” derives from the word “Zebra”.

Little ponies on the very original coloring sheets

What a lovely set of coloring pictures for girls, don’t you think? But how could it be opposite, when we collected so many great-quality My Little Pony coloring pages to print? Not only ponies but a little dragon, adorable unicorns and Equestria Girls too. What is more, you can also print original My Little Pony logo to color. Pick your favorite characters whether it’s Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash or Pinkie. The whole Ponyville waits for your sharp crayons and pencils! So get your family together and start coloring My Little Pony coloring pages right away!

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