Printable Pusheen coloring pages

Pusheen coloring pages show a world of a very peculiar, lazy, yet sweet cat that loves adventures. Printable Pusheen coloring sheets contain various pictures featuring Stormy, Pip, Cheek, Pusheen logo, Pusheenicorn, and Pusheen the cat. This is a perfect batch of pictures for younger kids, and especially girls. Enjoy!

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Just some logo

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1. What color is Pusheen's fur: yellow or gray?

It’s grey.

2. Does Pusheen have any siblings?

Yes, she does.

4. Is she a rather lazy or overactive cat?

She’s very lazy.

6. How do we call Pusheen transformed into a Unicorn?


8. Who's not a cat: Hello Kitty, Goofy or Garfield?

Goofy is not a cat.

9. Does Pusheen like cuddling or not?

She loves it!

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Pusheen coloring page to print

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Interesting facts about Pusheen:

  • Pusheen is a cat created in 2010 by two friends Claire Belton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their website.
  • Pusheen is a girl and her breed is domestic shorthair.
  • Her name derives from the Irish word for a kitten “puisín”.
  • The first Pusheen coloring pages appeared in 2015.
  • Pusheen’s image is often used in internet memes.
  • She eats a lot, but what is rare among cats, she hates tuna.
  • Pusheen sleeps in quite peculiar positions like zombie levels, superhero, roast turkey, and stranded whale.
  • Her birthday is February 18th.
  • Pusheen’s Facebook profile has already gathered nearly 10 million fans!

Interesting facts about Pusheen coloring pages:

There are at least several good reasons why printable Pusheen coloring pages are a great idea to spend a nice afternoon with your family. But for those who don’t know her yet, some facts first. Pusheen is a very unusual kitten who makes a dizzying career in the real world of social media and is deeply adored by millions of children all over the world. Crazy numbers of fans on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram speak for themselves. Moreover, she is the undisputed star of numerous internet memes. Pusheen coloring sheets are getting more and more popular too. Her creators, Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, certainly didn’t expect such success. After all, at the very beginning, Pusheen was supposed to be just another insignificant comic book character. And today she is a true internet star, and Pusheen’s coloring pages are as cute as her entire universe.

Here you’ll find the original Pusheen logo, Pusheenicorn, Stormy, Pip, Cheek, and other comics’ characters. This is the perfect set of pictures for all fans of cute kittens, but not only. Free Pusheen coloring sheets are suitable for children of all ages. They are perfect for kindergarten classes too. Simple patterns, don’t require highly developed manual skills from kids and will give them a lot of fun. Girls will especially like them because cute cats are what they like the most. Print the free Pusheen coloring pages now and spend a pleasant afternoon with family and friends. Coloring together is a great idea for activity when the weather outside is not too good. Check also other pictures of cats that you can find on We have a lot of them and you’ll surely find something you like. And if you have an idea how to enrich our offer in an attractive way, please write to us. We will try to fulfill your request. Happy coloring!

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