Find differences coloring pictures

These coloring pages help children to enhance observation skills and patience. The task is to print coloring page and find all differences between illustrations. And after that coloring, of course:) This activity engages the child’s mind to a very high degree and allows him/her to be cut off from external incentives. Many difficulty levels allow finding proper illustrations for every child.

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Quiz – find differences coloring pages for kids.

Just hover your mouse cursor over a question to see the correct answer!

2. What are the differences between seasons?


E.g. temperature height, rainfall volume, day length.

3. The difference is a result of addition or subtraction?


It’s a result of subtraction.

4. Are Austria and Australia the same country?


No, Austria is a much smaller country in Europe.

5. Which one is bigger: a horse or a ponny?


A horse is a bigger animal.

6. Are Panther and Leopard two different animals?


That’s the same animal.

Find differences coloring sheets interesting facts:

  • There are currently around 6000 different languages in the world. Some of them are used by only a few hundred people. No wonder that sometimes it’s so hard to communicate.
  • Niger (Africa) has the highest rate of the child born per one woman. One mum has around 7 children.
  • Women spend in front of the mirror approx 2 years of their life while men approx 6 months.
  • Children in Greece throw their tooth on the roof. The legend says that it has to be taken by a piggy which in return brings much more reliable one.
  • In Colombia children are taught that there are 5 continents, not 7 as taught in the most of other countries. This is because they treat North and South America as one continent as well as Europe and Asia.


Coloring books 2in1 – color and find all the differences between two pictures. Such coloring pages will train your perception and numerous other mental capabilities. Easier coloring pages have only three differences but harder ones even up to fifteen! If you manage to find all differences on all coloring books you are a champion and you definitely have a really sharp eye.