L.O.L. Surprise coloring sheets

This set of printable pictures is another place that will surely appeal mainly to girls. Free L.O.L. Surprise coloring pages contain the images of the most popular dolls and pets from several different series. There is also the original L.O.L. Surprise logo that you can color in any way you like.

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LOL Surprise Angel doll to color

Flower child printable coloring picture

LOL Surprise doll to color

Lil Oops baby to color

Baby cat printable coloring sheet

LOL Surprise doll to color

A big L.O.L. logo to print

A baby doll LOL Surprise

Coconut qt picture to color

Funky qt coloring sheet for kids

A small logo of LOL Surprise

Lil baby doll coloring picture

Free Dawn Doll unboxed LOL Surprise

Go-go gurl coloring picture

LOL Surprise letters logo

M.C. Swag doll coloring worksheet

A doll Fanime coloring sheet

A free LOL Surprise doll for coloring

Merbaby printable LOL Surprise coloring page

Madame Queen doll coloring sheet

Good-quality Angel Wings coloring page

LOL Surprise kitty coloring page

Punk Boi printable coloring page

Spice doll coloring sheet for girls

Bunny Hun big coloring page

Sur Fur coloring page to print

High-quality LOL Surprise doll to color

LOL Surprise doll to color

A free Cottontail QT coloring worksheet

Sugar Pup with name coloring page

Free Showbaby doll coloring picture

Sprints doll coloring picture for girls

Purr baby coloring page LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise puppy coloring sheet

LOL Surprise doll Sleepy Bones coloring sheet

Printable LOL Surprise doll with a name

Showpony free coloring page LOL Surprise

Free Pharaoh Babe coloring sheet

Snuggle Babe coloring page for a girl

Unicorn doll coloring page with a name

Interesting facts about L.O.L. Surprise!

  • L.O.L. Surprise toy line was launched in December 2016 by MGA Entertainment based in California.
  • There are different sized L.O.L. Surprise balls available in stores all around the world. The larger ball contains a LOL tot or a big sister and has 7 layers. Medium green balls hold baby dolls with 5 layers. Medium yellow balls are reserved for pets and have 7 layers. And finally, the smallest ones hold charm fizz bath bombs and has only 3 layers.  Subsequent series launched on the market also include new packaging shapes and limited editions.
  • Beginning with the fifth series, the hair was added to the dolls.
  • L.O.L. Surprise world is constantly expanding and there are hundreds of different dolls available to be collected.
  • Big sisters (tots) have their own special features like for example changing colors, peeing, crying, or spiting.
  • L.O.L. Surprise dolls are produced in different numbers so some of them are pretty rare and therefore also more desirable (e.g. Purple Queen, Stardust Queen, Splash Queen, Splash Meow-Maid).
  • L.O.L. is the abbreviation for “Little Outrageous Littles” (the full name was printed only on early versions of packages).

Color the super cool dolls with us!

This collection of L.O.L. Surprise coloring pages is a real paradise for girls who like to color. You can find some top dolls (already unboxed;), cats and pups. Among others: Angel, Baby Cat, Fanime, Flower Child, Foxy, Merbaby, Bunny Hun and Cottontail. All in great quality and A4 format. But of course, that’s not all and you’ll easily find many other cool characters. What is more, we plan to add more dolls soon so stay tuned and follow our social media channels. L.O.L Surprise coloring sheets is a great piece of fun for the whole family so print your favorite illustrations right now and give yourself some nice moments.

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