Easter coloring pages for kids

On this set of printable Easter coloring pages, you will find eggs, lamb, bunny, and other symbols commonly associated with this beautiful time. Easter coloring pages mean great quality + charming pictures. It makes them a perfect choice for younger and older children. Happy Easter and happy coloring everyone:) And don’t forget to solve our quiz.

Easter bunny with eggs

Printable mosaic for Easter

Alleluiah picture to color for kids

Lamb on a meadow

Easter basket coloring pages for children

Easter egg to color

Free Easter coloring page with a bunny

Happy Easter illustration to color

Easter motive for children

Coloring pages Easter chick newborn

Happy easter motive

Easter eggs and funny bunny coloring sheet

Funny picture with Easter eggs

Boy with easter bucket

Happy Easter card coloring sheet

Spring flowers eggs

Little chicks and Easter egg on coloring page

Cute Easter coloring page for a kid

Girl painting eggs

Happy Easter worksheet to print and color

Rabbit with basket

Happy Easter card for coloring

Rebirth of Jesus coloring sheet for kids

Basket full of easter eggs

Easter Christian card printable for coloring

Bunny to color

Alleluia cross and dove of peace

Bunny with tulips

Rabbit coloring sheet to print

Easter egg printable worksheet for children

Bunny basket and little chicken

Easter coloring page

Easter time paint for free

Easter coloring page for kids

Coloring pages for easter

Easter time coloring image

Happy Easter wishes

Easter eggs to color

Easter coloring pages for children

Easter card coloring greeting card with bunny

Boy coloring easter eggs

Dreaming rabbit coloring books

Easter tradition printable coloring sheets

Free Easter greeting cards for coloring

Coloring page for children with easter

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Are you ready for a Quiz?

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1. What are the other names for Easter?

We can call it also Pasch or Resurrection Sunday

2. How many days does Easter last?

Altogether it is seven days

3. Which season do we celebrate Easter in?

It’s Spring

5. Presents at Christmas are given by Santa Claus. Who gives them at Easter?

Legend says that during this time a bunny brings gifts.

6. What food is a main symbol of Easter? (We can make them an omelet)


Easter coloring pages and interesting facts

  • The oldest known Easter eggs come from the Sumerians Mesopotamia area and have more than 5000 years.
  • In the Middle Ages was popular quite a peculiar game. Rules? Passing to each other a hard-boiled egg. The game was played in churches. Whoever held an egg while the clock struck noon was a winner and could keep the egg for good luck.
  • If you think that the production of chocolate eggs is a relatively new habit, then you should revise your notion. The first chocolate egg produced in the UK was sold in 1873 by Fry’s of Bristol.
  • In the United States, there is an old Easter habit of wearing huge, festively decorated hats.
  • In some countries, it is common not only to color the eggs but also to color feathers of chicks. However, not everywhere, it’s permitted because of the discomfort of painted birds. Fortunately, in our Easter coloring sheets, you may color whatever you want with no harm to any living creature:)
  • According to research, 76% of people start eating a chocolate bunny from the ears. And which part do you eat first?

Print illustrations of bunny, lamb and spring

Free printable Easter coloring pages for kids are ready to be instantly printed. You’ll find here a lot of Easter symbols e.g. colorful eggs, holy lamb, funny bunny, a basket full of fancy food as well as blooming flowers which appear during this season. Print Easter coloring sheets and cards and give them to your relatives. The collaborative coloring is a great idea for spending a nice afternoon. Don’t worry if our quiz was a little bit too hard this time. It’s never too late to learn new interesting and useful facts. The good thing is that now you surely know a lot more and your teacher at school will be amazed by your knowledge:)