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Printable flags coloring cages joined series: educational coloring pages for children – pictures that help kids to broaden their knowledge about the world around them. And they do that in an extremely friendly and pleasant way. In the pictures below, you will find numerous country flags with their names and characteristic symbols. As many as six continents have their representation here. Country flags coloring pages can be a great source of beneficial entertainment for children.

Argentinian symbols and flag coloring sheet

Educational coloring page Chile flag

Flags of countries Germany to print

Jamaican flag coloring picture

Australia flag and kangaroo coloring psges

Chinese flags of countries China

Greek flag Greece coloring page, sheets

Japanese flag educational coloring page

Austria flags of countries to print

Colombia coloring page flag and parrot

Hungarian flag Hungary coloring picture

Kenya flags of countries to color

Brasilian flag coloring sheet

Egypt flag coloring pages Sphinx

Printable Indian flag coloring pages

Iguana and Mexico flags of nations coloring pages

Canadian flag printable coloring page

Feench flag coloring pages with countries

Flags coloring pages Italy flag coloring page

Netherlands flag coloring sheets for children

New Zealand national symbols coloring page

Saudi Arabia mosque and flag coloring sheet

Flag of Thailand coloring picture

UK flag and Big Ben coloring page

Norvegian national symbols and flag coloring picture

Spanish symbols coloring page for children

Tribal mask, lion and flag of Togo

USA flag coloring sheet

Peruvian national symbols and f;lag coloring pages

Coloring picture flag of Sweden

Tunisian flag to print and color

Uruguay symbols and flag printable picture

Symbols of Poland coloring page

Switzerland printable coloring page flag and bank

Turkey flag printable coloring page sheet

Vatican flag and St Peters Basilica

Russian flag and Cremlin coloring page, sheet

National symbols of Taiwan coloring page

United Arab Emirates picture to color

Venezuelan flag coloring page sheet

Let’s color the Mexican flag

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Flags and nations coloring sheets quiz

Just place your mouse cursor over the question to see the correct answer!

Question 2

What continent is France in?


France is located in the continent of Europe.

Question 3

What country is pizza and spaghetti from?


Pizza and spaghetti come from Italy.

Question 4

In which country will we meet the largest number of kangaroos?


Definitely in Australia.

Question 5

Which country has more inhabitants: China or Germany?


China has more inhabitants.

Question 6

In which country can we see the Pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx?


We can see it in Egypt.

Interesting facts about countries of the world:

  • The largest country in the world in terms of occupied space is Russia. Its area covers 17,100,000 km² and lies on two continents – Europe and Asia.
  • The most populous country in the world is China with a population of over 1,300,000,000 people! Statistically, almost one in five people in the world is Chinese.
  • The smallest country in the world is the Vatican. Its total area is only 0.44 km². It is an independent city-state located within the capital of Italy – Rome. The number of its inhabitants does not exceed 1000 people, citizenship is only granted temporarily and the head of the Vatican is the Pope.
  • The country in which the most chocolate is eaten per capita is Switzerland.
  • It is forbidden to give a name Napoleon to a pig in France.
  • In Eastern Africa, you can find a beer brewed from bananas.
  • Despite the fact that Africa is the poorest continent, Facebook has over 100 million active users there.
  • One of the national symbols of Scotland is the unicorn, which in fact does not exist, but is supposed to be a symbol of an animal that prefers to die rather than be captured.
  • The very first country in the world where the fingerprint was used in police investigative work was Argentina. It was used by an Argentine police officer, Juan Vucetich, in 1892.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, polar bears do not live in Antarctica. They are the inhabitants of the Arctic.

Flags, countries & coloring pages:

A great collection of printable flags coloring pages. It is an excellent source of knowledge for all kids. They will find out here what the national flags of individual countries look like and what they are famous for. Flags coloring sheets with countries of the world is a journey through six different continents, which have a different culture, customs, and symbolism. That’s why every child who likes traveling and geography should have a great time here. An addition that should also interest them is interesting facts about countries of the world, where they can find numerous interesting and often surprising information. You can easily download all the presented flag pictures on your computer for free in A4 format or alternatively, you can print them directly from the page. Have fun and visit us regularly!