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Tweety coloring pages

Lovely yellow canary and his inseparable friend cat Sylvester on a cheerful selection of free, printable coloring books for children. Follow their hilarious encounters. Clumsy tricks of Sylvester and sarcastic comments of Tweety the bird are unforgettable. Print and color the ones you like the most. As always, below coloring pages, you’ll find a quiz + several interesting facts which we gathered for you. Print, color and have fun!

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Quiz – Tweety coloring books for children

If you hover a mouse over a question, the correct answer will appear!

1. What kind of bird is Tweety?


It’s a canary.

2. What’s the name of a dog who often stands in Sylvester way when he tries to do smething bad?


This dog is Hector.

3. What’s the color of Tweety’s eyes?


His eyes are blue.

5. Which bird is bigger: a canary or an eagle?


An eagle is much bigger.

6. Who’s a keeper of Tweety and Sylvester?


An old and slow Granny.

Tweety coloring sheets and facts that you probably didn’t know:

  • The most famous canary in the world performed in an unforgettable movie Space Jam (a small but distinct part to be fair:).
  • Although he and cat Sylvester seems to be inseparable pair it wasn’t always like that. The figure of a canary was created in 1942 and Sylvester in 1945. As a pair, they started to perform in 1947.
  • It’s hard to imagine, but Tweety at the beginning was pink. Later, his creators decided to change his coloring into yellow. Our coloring pages allow you to check whether he looks better in pink or yellow;)
  • What’s more, he initially had also a different name. He was called Orson.
  • Some people argue whether he is a boy or a girl. Most reports indicate that he’s a boy.
  • He was the very first bird which appeared on

Amazing Tweety coloring books for children with adorable canary and crafty cat Sylvester. Let’s see new adventures of that funny pair. Birds and cats usually don’t coexist in peace and harmony, but those two are really special. However, we believe that deep in their hearts they love each other very much. You may easily print Sylvester, Granny and Hector on your home printer. Of course, as always on all coloring books are completely free.