Free Animals coloring pages

Animals coloring pages are pictures of many different species of animals to color. Calm species from a farm, like horse, donkey, dog, goat, cow, and pigs. But also, for brave children, a dangerous predator from Asian forests – a tiger. Or maybe you prefer to color a mighty hippo, a stately elephant, or a smiled zebra? Of course, we also couldn’t miss the king of them all – a lion. Grab your crayons, pick animal coloring pages and print for free.

Animals of Africa coloring pages

Animals of Europe coloring pages

Animals of Asia coloring pages

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Animals of South America coloring pages

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1. What animal is called the king of the jungle?

It’s a lion.

3. What animal is a symbol of pranks and tricks?

A monkey usually symbolizes it.

4. What animal has a very long neck, hooves and lives in Africa?

It’s a giraffe.

5. How do skunks defend themselves against attackers?

They spray a very smelly liquid that scares off potential attackers.

6. What do we call white-furred bears living in the Arctic?

Polar bears.

7. Is a dromedary a camel with one or two humps?

It’s a camel with one hump.

9. Do tigers in the wild live in Africa or Asia?

In Asia.

Printable coloring page of rhinoceroses

Bobcat coloring page lynx

Coloring page of alligator with a baby alligator

Interesting facts about animals and coloring sheets:

  • If the octopus if hungry for too long, it can consume its own tentacle. What’s more, it has the ability to regenerate its limbs, that is, they can grow back.
  • Scientists estimate that there are more than one million ants per each person living on earth.
  • The giraffe’s tongue is so long and flexible that it can reach its ears to clean them up.
  • When a snail loses an eye it can create a new one.
  • The shrimp’s heart is placed in its head.
  • Snails are real sleepyheads – they can sleep for more than 3 years nonstop.
  • Goldfish should have big access to the source of light to fully show their beauty. When kept in dark fade and become white and grey.
  • The blood of the grasshoppers is blue.
  • Butterflies taste through their legs.
  • Sea otters during sleep hold each other’s paws in order to not be separated.
  • Scientists proved that cows produce more milk if they listen to quiet and relaxing music.
  • Animal coloring pages were the very first category that appeared on

Learn and have fun at the same time!

Animals coloring pages is a place where you’ll find lots of absolutely free printables for children with many different species from five continents. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer wild and dangerous creatures such as mighty lion, snake, tiger, polar bears, coyote, jaguar, sneaky fox, or rather much less dangerous creatures such as giraffe with a long neck, squirrel, pig, prairie dog, unique porcupine, ducks, hamster, turtle, horse, sheep, lemur, cats or dogs. Because they all are here and waiting for your crayons and a dose of unlimited imagination:) There’s even an African gorilla straight from a dense jungle! All presented animal coloring sheets are ready to print on a home printer on A4 paper size. This set of worksheets are a great combination of learning and having fun at the same time.

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