Print Hot Wheels coloring pages!

Printable Hot Wheels coloring pages – the perfect choice for boys who love to spend time playing with cars. Print out the Hot Wheels coloring pages and make a pleasant surprise for your kids. You can print all pictures directly or download them to your hard drive, of course for free! Here you will find the most popular models of these popular toys and the Hot Wheels logo in various editions.

Hot Wheels toy car picture

Dragon Blaster coloring page sheet

Free Hot Wheels picture for coloring

Cool Hot Wheels coloring pages

Batmobile toy car coloring page Hot Wheels

Ford Mustang coloring picture Hot Wheels for boys

Super Stinger picture for coloring Hot Wheels

Printable Hot Wheels picture for kids

Bone Shaker coloring picture Hot Wheels

Sport Car Lamborgini coloring page

Twin Mill printable Hot Wheels coloring pages

Original Hot Wheels logo coloring page

Cloud Cutter printable picture Hot Wheels

Printable Hot Wheels coloring page for kids

Toy Monster Truck picture for coloring

Team Hot Wheels picture for coloring

Hot Wheels van coloring page sheet

Scorpedo coloring pages Hot Wheels picture

Free Hot Wheels picture for kids

Nice Hot Wheels logo picture

Futuristic Hot Wheels picture for coloring

Futuristic space car coloring page

Armored bank truck coloring sheet

Back of a car coloring sheet for boys

Future car coloring page Hot Wheels

Space cars Hot Wheels coloring sheet

Printable Hot Wheels car for boys

Formula One team coloring page

Printable tank truck Hot Wheels

Printable race car coloring page for kids

Free coloring page with a car race

Way 2 fast coloring page sheet

Off-road vehicle in mud coloring page

Hot Wheels space ship coloring page

Wild west Hot Wheels printable coloring page

Just some logo

Just place your mouse cursor over the question to see the correct answer

2. Is Hot Wheels a popular series of dolls or toy cars?

Hot Wheels is a popular series of toy cars.

3. What's the name of one of the most popular Hot Wheels models: Twin Mill or Twin Peaks?

Twin Mill.

4. Is Scorpedo similar to a scorpion or a frog?

Scorpedo is very similar to a scorpion.

5. Is the original Hot Wheels logo green-blue or yellow-red?

It’s yellow-red.

Hot Wheels coloring page 4Ward Speed

Scorpedo coloring page for a boy

Space truck coloring page Hot Wheels

Off road vehicle coloring page

Interesting facts about Hot Wheels:

  • The Hot Wheels toy series was launched in 1968, and the very first car in the series was the dark blue Custom Camaro.
  • Today, there are more die-cast toy cars than real cars and even more than people on the planet.
  • Every second, about 10 Hot Wheels cars are sold somewhere in the world.
  • Around 520 million Hot Wheels are produced each year.
  • Check to see if you have one with red stripes on wheels. Such models are very rare and can be bought by collectors for quite a lot of money.
  • The most admired by collectors Hot Wheels model is the Volkswagen Beach Bomb, produced in 1969. A total of 16 prototypes of these cars were built, and some of them may be worth up to $100 000, which is more than a real sports car.
  • The Mattel company (manufacturer of Hot Wheels) decided to produce some of its models as real-size cars. The first was the Twin-Mill, and there are now over 20 real-size Hot Wheels cars.
  • Hot Wheels cars can be found in many video games including Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Need for Speed, Rocket League.

Hot Wheels cars are here!

Printable Hot Wheels coloring pages are a real treat for fans of high speed, the smell of burnt rubber, and vivid colors. Here you’ll find the most popular toy cars from the Hot Wheels series! These include the legendary Twin-Mill, as well as 4Ward Speed, Batmobile, Bone Shaker, Dragon Blaster, Scorpedo, Ford Mustang, Cloud Cutter, Cool one, and many more. These are, of course, the same models that you can find on the shelves of your favorite toy stores.

Free Hot Wheels coloring pages are A4 in size and are perfect for printing on any home printer equipped with full ink. That’s all you need to take off :) And when the pictures are printed and ready for coloring, just prepare a cup of delicious cocoa and you can start having fun together!

Probably this category of coloring pages will be of greatest interest to boys, but we know that many girls are also interested in cars, so they may like them too.

Choose your favorite printable Hot Wheels coloring sheets and try to color the chosen car in several different ways. Then choose the one you like the most. Propose this activity to your parents and create a mini-competition in coloring. The winner may be awarded a real Hot Wheels car. Isn’t that a great idea to spend a Saturday afternoon together? Just remember, that it’s not too smart to be in a hurry when coloring – it can spoil your efforts. Just be patient and focused so that the drawings would go well. And races can be done with cars on the floor.

Among the above coloring pages, you’ll also find the original Hot Wheels Team logo in several versions. Also, don’t forget to take a short quiz for kids and read interesting facts.

Top Hot Wheels coloring pages is a category of images that has been long-awaited by many of our readers and we’ll certainly be expanding it regularly with new sports car models. So visit regularly and don’t miss the news that will soon be here!

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