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Who doesn’t like Christmas? For many, it’s the most beautiful time in winter and even in a whole year. And here you’ll find the most related symbols on the very unique selection of printable coloring books for children. Santa Claus, Christmas tree, presents, elf, children and of course clumsy reindeer Rudolph – all these pictures are waiting for some cheerful colors. Of course, each coloring page is for free. Print or download now!

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1. What’s the name of the most famous and a little bit clumsy reindeer from a horse-drawn carriage of Santa?


This reindeer is Rudolf.

2. Where does Santa live?


He lives in Lapland.

3. What color is the beard of Santa Claus?


It’s white.

5. What color is Santa's outfit?


His outfit is mostly red.

6. How do we call traditional songs sung during Christmas?


We call them Carols.

Christmas coloring pages and fascinating facts:

  • A Carol „Silent Night” has been translated into more than 300 languages and dialects
  • First German artificial Christmas tree was made of goose feathers. So far our coloring pages present more traditional trees only.
  • A living Christmas tree before it’s cut down and sold grows about 15 years
  • In Greece Christmas is celebrated for 12 days. But Greek people rather don’t celebrate its Eve. If so, they celebrate it late evening and usually outside – at the bar, club or restaurant.
  • In 1965 two astronauts in orbit reported to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida a strange report. They noticed an unidentified object in space. After a few minutes of silence in Air Force Station from the loudspeakers came the sound of bells and traditional American Carol… played by astronauts on the mouth organ. After landing bells and mouth organs were handed over to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington. You still can see them in that Museum.
  • Coloring pages with Christmas motives are top searched coloring pages on every December


Christmas coloring page is unlike any other. Lots of famous symbols and characters like: Santa Claus, decorated tree, dreamed and expected gifts, Christmas Eve, snowman with a carrot instead of a nose, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, cheerful children, snowflakes falling from the sky and more pictures associated with this beautiful, white time. But how it’s possible that all pictures are black and white? Children should restore the whole magic of Christmas coloring books using crayons and their own imagination. As usual, all coloring sheets on can be printed out on a home printer on A4 paper size for free. Have fun!