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Finally, they’re all here: Scooby, Shaggy, Scrappy-Doo, Fred, Daphne, Velma, and of course, some of their scary enemies. Numerous monsters, ghosts, zombies even witches… but wait a minute! It seems that something is wrong here. Maybe it’s just a clever disguise? Follow the incredible cartoon-based adventures and find out the truth. Printable Scooby-Doo coloring pages are 40 free pictures for children that guarantee a lot of fun, adventures, and unexpected surprises.

Scooby-Doo logo printable picture

Scooby-Doo coloring sheet for Christmas

Mystery Machine van coloring sheet

Picture with scared Fred from Scooby-doo

Scooby flying in airplane

Scooby-Doo & Shaggy coloring sheet

Dog Scooby & hearts coloring page

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Dog Scooby-doo coloring sheet

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Captain Scooby

Scooby-Doo coloring sheet with Shaggy

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Printable Scooby-Doo coloring sheets

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Scooby doo coloring page

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Daphne and monster

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Shaggy running away from a monster

Scooby Shaggy Velma and mummy

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Velma and monster coloring page

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Velma Daphne and Fred coloring pages sheets

Just some logo

Place your mouse cursor over a question and see the correct answer

2. Is the Mystery Machine a van or an airplane?

It’s a van.

3. Who has very poor eyesight: Shaggy or Velma?


4. Is Shaggy brave?

No, he’s not.

5. Who's taller: Fred Jones or Daphne Blake?

Fred Jones is taller.

Printable Scooby-doo logo coloring page

Scooby Doo as a pirate coloring pages

Scooby flying in airplane coloring image

All character from Scooby-Doo show

Interesting facts about Scooby-Doo:

  • Scooby is a purebred brown Great Dane with black paws. But it was very close to being a sheepdog. The creators of his character, however, came to the conclusion that then he would be too similar to another popular dog character – Hot Dog from the comic books Archie. What is more, The producers wanted to give him a bit floppier and charming look than a regular Great Dane.
  • Shaggy’s real name is Norville.
  • Scooby Doo’s full name is Scoobert Doo.
  • He is 7 years old (it is equal to 49 in human years). So he is no longer a youngster for which many children consider him.
  • The medical name of Scooby’s funny speech disorder is rhotacism.
  • The Scooby-Doo series holds the record for the longest-running animated franchise produced for Saturday morning television in the United States.
  • Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are the only characters from the whole crew who appeared in every single broadcasted show of the series.
  • The most common character on Scooby Doo coloring pages is himself, but the second one is Shaggy

Print quality Scooby-doo coloring pages for free

Coloring pages with Scooby-Doo who, as usual, not very bravely tries to unravel the riddles of mysterious ghosts, witches, and monsters. Of course together with his good friends: his brother Yabba, steady Fred, clumsy Shaggy, little Scrappy-Doo, charming Daphne, and shortsighted Velma. That very unique detective crew is waiting for all kids to color their various adventures and unexpected rivals. Always ready for action, they have their cool van at their disposal (the Mystery Machine) and plenty of courage to stand up to any villains. Printable Scooby-Doo coloring sheets give you a great opportunity to dive into the cartoon world of fun, action, and surprises.

Will Shaggy run away as a first again? Will the ghost on the coloring page turn out to be just a disguised bad man? Watch the cartoon carefully and you’ll get all the answers. And don’t forget to look at a quiz and interesting facts about Scooby-doo. It’s something that none of the true Scooby-Doo fans shall omit. Free Scooby-Doo coloring pages available on are suitable for kids of all ages. Just make sure, that you fit the difficulty level to the age of your child. Above all, coloring should be fun, not a kind of hard challenge. Allow your kids or pupils to pick their favorite Scooby-Doo pictures and you’ll quickly see how eagerly they spend their time doing something good for their development away from a laptop and tablet. And you’ll finally have some time for yourself, which you can spend on your own hobby… or coloring:)

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