Warriors coloring pages

Dive into a world of epic battles and fierce heroes with this set of printable warriors coloring pages for children. Let your imagination run wild as you bring these characters to life with your own unique spin. Print Ninja, Spartan, Knights, Maori, Gurkha, Centurion, Samurai, and many more!

Medieval warriors coloring pages

French Musketeer coloring pages to print

Free coloring page of a pirate ship

Actec coloring pages with warriors

Knight with a sword coloring picture

Printable coloring sheet with musketeer

Pirate island coloring pages for children

Actec archer coloring pages with warriors

Knight on horseback coloring sheet for children

Ancient Persian soldier coloring page

Ninja training coloring picture

Actec coloring sheets with warriors

Janissary warrior from ancient Turkey coloring page

Persian immortals coloring pages sheet

Free coloring page with a ninja

Gladiator warrior coloring sheet for children

Janissary with a bow coloring sheet

Cartoon style pirate coloring page for kids

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Fighting gladiator coloring page with a warrior

Gladiator coloring page with a Roman warrior

Coloring page of Viking warrior

Maori coloring page to print

Polish Hussars coloring pages with warriors

Ancient Roman fighter coloring page

Viking coloring sheets to print

Maori warriors coloring pages for children

Coloring page of medieval knight & horse

Armed Indian warrior coloring picture

Fighting Viking coloring page to print

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Free coloring picture of a Roman legionary

North America Indian warrior coloring picture

Spartans coloring pages

Samurai soldier coloring page

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Asian warrior coloring page

Ancient legionary coloring sheet

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1. Who were the warriors who lived in medieval Europe and wore armor from head to toe?


3. What kind of warrior uses a bow and arrow to shoot targets?


4. Are samurai warriors from Japan or France?


6. Who did Asterix often fight with: Spartans or Roman legionnaires?

Roman legionnaires.

7. What do we call the marauding sea robbers who have bones and a skull in their flag?


9. Did knights ride horses?


Viking with axe coloring page

Printable coloring page of Spartan with a spear

Prinatble coloring page featuring a knight with a spear

Polynesian warrior coloring page Maori

The mightiest warriors in history!

  •  Ninja coloring pages – a covert Japanese warrior trained in espionage, sabotage, and assassination techniques, who operated in secret to protect their clan or lord.
  • Knight coloring pages – a medieval European warrior who was trained in combat and chivalry, and who served a lord or king in exchange for land.
  • Viking coloring pages – a seafaring Scandinavian warrior who raided and traded throughout Europe, known for their ferocity and prowess in battle.
  • Spartan coloring pages – a Greek warrior from the city-state of Sparta, known for their rigorous training, discipline, and bravery in battle.
  • Samurai coloring pages – a class of highly skilled Japanese warriors, known for their code of honor and loyalty to their lord, the Shogun.
  • Janissary coloring pages – an elite Ottoman warrior slave, who was trained in combat and served as the personal bodyguard of the Sultan, and played a significant role in the Ottoman Empire’s military and political power.
  • Pirates coloring pages – seafaring criminals who raided and plundered ships and coastal towns, known for their distinctive flag, eye patches, and peg legs, and romanticized in popular culture.
  • Maori coloring pages – indigenous warriors of New Zealand, known for their intricate facial tattoos, fierce haka war dances, and use of taiaha spears and patu clubs in battle.
  • Persian Immortals coloring pages – an elite unit of Persian soldiers in the Achaemenid Empire, consisting of 10,000 highly trained warriors, who wore distinctive clothing and carried a variety of weapons, and were said to be immortal due to their constant replenishment of fallen soldiers.
  • French Musketeers coloring pages – a group of highly skilled French soldiers who served as the personal bodyguards of the king, known for their proficiency with the musket and sword, as well as their chivalry and romanticized in literature and film.

Top warriors and top pictures for coloring!

Printable warriors coloring pages are a fun and exciting way for children to explore the world of ancient warriors and the most epic battles in history. These pages feature a variety of different warriors from different cultures and time periods, including samurai, knights, vikings, ninjas,  Persian Immortals, and more.

These coloring pages are not only entertaining but also educational. As children color in the intricate designs of the warrior’s armor, weapons, and surroundings, they are also learning about history, geography, and culture. They can explore the details of the clothing and weapons that were used by these warriors, and learn about the different fighting styles and tactics that were employed in battle.

We think that coloring pictures with warriors will be one of the favorite choices of boys, but girls are also welcome here! All pictures are free to print and download so pick as many as you want!

Whether used at home or in a classroom setting, warrior coloring sheets are a fantastic way to engage children and get them excited about history and culture. They are perfect for rainy days, boredom attacks, or simply as a fun activity.

So, whether your child is interested in samurai, medieval knights, Spartans, Roman legionnaires, Vikings, or any other type of warrior, these printables offer a fun and engaging way to explore the fascinating world of ancient armies and warriors. With their various designs, numerous educational values, and endless opportunities for creativity and imagination, warriors coloring pages to print are sure to become a favorite activity for children of all ages.

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