Water world coloring pages

Water animals coloring pages – in this set of free printables we go deep into the water, so we hope you can swim! You will find such sea creatures as shark, whale, crab, seal, colorful fish, walrus, orca, seahorse, octopus and many more. Print the coolest sea coloring pages and explore the richness of the underwater world while having fun on Topcoloringpages.net

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Just place your mouse cursor over a question to see the correct answer!

1. Which ocean is the largest?

The Pacific Ocean is the largest one.

3. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit? True or false?

It’s true.

4. What are the two longest rivers in the world called? Name at least one.

They are Nile and Amazon.

5. What's the largest marine mammal?

Whale (blue whale).

6. Is most of the Earth covered by water or by land?


7. Is a seal a fish or a mammal?

It’s a mammal.

9. Can polar bears swim?

Yes, they’re strong swimmers.

Free piranha coloring page logo

Shark funny coloring picture

Crab easy coloring page for children

Marine fish seahorse coloring worksheet

Sea life coloring pages interesting facts:

  • Around 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans. And the biggest one is the Pacific Ocean, covering around 30% of our planet’s surface.
  • The blue whale is the largest animal living on Earth. Its length reaches up to 33 meters and weight up to 190 tons. His heart is comparable to the size of a car, and his tongue weighs as much as an adult elephant!
  • Seahorses are the only known animals where the offspring is born by a male. After 14-28 days of pregnancy, up to 2000 small seahorses can come to the world. Unfortunately, only a small part of them survives.
  • An extraordinarily large number of legs is not the only original feature of the octopus. Not everyone knows that their blood is blue and they have three hearts!
  • When dolphins sleep, they have one eye open and rests only one cerebral hemisphere. In this way, during rest, they remain vigilant to threats and possible attacks by predators.
  • It is estimated that jellyfish exist on Earth for about 650 million years. It means that they were here earlier than sharks and even dinosaurs.
  • Sea sponges are living animals, although they do not have a head, mouth, eyes, bone, brain, heart or lung.
  • The European eel is a fish that during its wanderings can sometimes … get out of the water and move on a humid land in a creeping motion.

Learn about water animals

Sea animals coloring pages are fun in discovering the immense space of the underwater world. You might not know that life in the seas and oceans is accessible to us only in a small part and to a large extent, it’s still unexplored. Nevertheless, we already know numerous wonderful animals living out there, such as huge whales, dangerous sharks, beautiful orcs, funny crabs, friendly seals, and their close relatives – walruses.

All these creatures are part of the Water World coloring pages, which consist of beautiful coloring sheets for children prepared for immediate printing. And an excellent complement to the fun will be solving the Quiz and reading interesting facts about oceans.

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