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My name is Kris and I have a little boy named Antoni.
He appeared in my world one year ago and virtually turned it upside down. Everybody is ready for it until it happens, right?:)

The day Antoni was born the greatest adventure of my life has just begun. Everything seemed to be new again. And a huge amount of positive energy and inspiration just jumped into my heart.

I knew that I should do something good with this energy. As a “computer lover” I decided to create a website for children which brings happiness and educates as well. Without any money, obligations, subscriptions etc. Totally for free. To help people and especially children.

So I just immersed in work.

I spent about half of my time comforting Antoni (he was a colicky baby) and the rest of my time on creating a website which I visualized in my head. I slept 6 hours a day, but after almost a year of intensive work here it is

A completely free website for children and adults with coloring pages. It is free because I honestly believe that sharing is caring. It is going to be always free and maybe after some time will attract any sponsor. That way I plan to give Antoni a proper education. My hope is that later in life he can share his best energy with the world and the people around him.

Therefore if you are willing to share with others or simply click on anything that interests you on then this way you add your bit to better the future of little Antoni. And for that we are very thankful!

With warm hugs from me and the little Antoni,


P.S. Many thanks to Gerardo for great ideas and to Dalba for amendments.