10 examples of ridiculous logic to be found in cartoons

The reality in animated films is only partly similar to real life. What often makes them funny and interesting are deviations from generally accepted rules. And in this article, we’ve gathered 10 vivid examples of such deviations, which must have been born in really twisted minds!

Banner of top 10 funny logical errors in cartoon movies

1. How many people do you know who walk naked all day… just to wear clothes on the beach?

Tom and Jerry on the beach

2. Celebrate Christmas long before the proper birth of Christ? Why not…

Flinstons family celebrate Christmas cartoon scene

3. What a mastermind designed this prison? You definitely have no chance to escape from it!

Two Smurfs in prison

4. So what are the ears for? Certainly not for listening.

Arthur listening to the music with headset

5. However, the eyes are great for that purpose. Obviously…

Mr Krabs listening to a music

6. The appearance doesn’t really matter… at least when you keep her locked up long enough.

Beauty and the beast together dancing

7. So you’re telling me that no one in the entire kingdom has the same size of shoes?

Cinderella fitting a shoe

8. Another important advice to remember from animated movies: never talk to strangers!

∗ Does not apply when they’re super hot.

A cartoon woman and men meet in the wood

9. They unmasked hundreds of disguises and solved so many mysterious puzzles. Yet still afraid of ghosts …

Scooby-doo and Fred scared by a ghost

10. One is the owner and the other is a pet. And they are both dogs …

Pluto and Goofy on a walk together