10 questions to the father of the year

Today on our blog we present material prepared especially for tired parents. 10 questions related to raising a child, which will be answered by our dad of the year. Be prepared for several unconventional answers, and above all, do not try to implement them in real life. Have fun;)

banner with the father of the year

1. How should we spend holidays with children so that everyone can rest well?


2. My child badly wants to start playing a musical instrument. What should I invest in?

Definitely in earplugs.

3. What should I do when children are fighting with each other?

A cup of relaxing tea. And come back only when they finish.

4. How to get children to eat vegetables?

Cover them thoroughly with Nutella (vegetables, not children).

Face of surprised girl

5. I do not have the power of persuasion and everyone at home ignores me. Can you give me any advice?


6. What to do when my child is making scenes at the playground?

Lie that it’s not yours.

7. Why is my daughter lying?

She most probably learned it from her parents.

8. My kid eats very little and watches cartoons for days. What do you think about it?

I envy you.

9. Which of the parents should talk to their own son about sex? A father or a mother?

Preferably both of you. This way you can learn more.

10. I noticed that alcohol has been disappearing from our cabinet for some time. I’m pretty sure that it’s my son’s doing. What should I do?!

Warn him that he must buy alcohol from his own funds or you’ll cut his pocket money.