A few ideas to spend quality time with your kids

Do you ever feel guilty whenever you realize that your children do not spend enough time with you? We live very busy lives, but the kids need us around especially during the holidays. It will be a great idea if you can have a look at the academic timetable and plan to take a break from work during the holiday. That will be a great time for bonding, teaching, and exploring with them. So let’s say that your plan works and you have about two weeks of free time to spend with your little ones. But what do you do with all this time?

Tata z małym synkiem czyta książkę

In this article, you will find some brilliant ideas that you can plan to cover holiday periods and free time to ensure that your kids are never idle. Engaging the little minds with practical activities will promote their intellectual, physical, and mental development. And they will appreciate your efforts to spend time with them.

1. Learning New Words

You can encourage your kids to spend some time reading exciting storybooks. These books will have new words that can enrich vocabulary to ‘brag with’ when school resumes. But be aware that children need your presence while reading. You can help to teach them proper pronunciations, and spellings while they read. Associating the stories they read with real-life situations will also help them understand what they read.

2. Coloring pages

Coloring designed pages are such an exciting activity. And children can virtually spend hours coloring pages without losing concentration or feeling tired. Coloring pages have many advantages. Your kid will develop motor skills, become more creative, have more self-control and a better focus. The best part is, there are so many coloring books packed with different exciting concepts and tasks your children can enjoy for free. For boys for example dinosaurs coloring pages and girls can be amazed by Barbie coloring sheets. Nevertheless, you should always participate in this activity so color pages together and without unnecessary haste. It is also great fun for adults.

3. Plan a picnic

Spending some time outdoors will also make your children happy. You can plan a picnic and set up camping tents for the whole day. Spending time outdoors will expose your kids to nature. They have the opportunity to ask questions and get the right answers from you. Include fun outdoor activities such as bicycle riding, hiking, or sports such as badminton that can be played in the fields for fun. Other outdoor activities include a trip to the zoo, museum, your office, etc.

4. Gardening

Introducing your children to gardening at a young age is a great idea. You can teach them to understand the need to grow plants and trees to preserve our ecosystem. Show them the dangers of pollution and how it can affect the life of plants that produce the food we eat. Gardening is also a physical activity that will be beneficial to you and your kids as an exercise. During the holiday they can plant flowers or plants and take care of them every day. Try it and watch the pride and excitement on their faces every day as they observe the changes in their growing plants.

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5. Teach them a new language

With widespread globalization, the world is becoming a ‘smaller village.’ You can start laying a foundation for the learning of a new language that your children will find useful in their older years at the university or while touring the world. The ability to speak new languages can also give a substantial advantage while seeking jobs after graduation from university.

6. Pet grooming

If you have pets, you can get your kids involved in pet grooming. Studies have shown that young people who understand the need to care for pets and feed them properly grow up to be well-balanced adults.

7. Watch children’s movies

These movies are usually thrilling, and they always have a positive lesson for the children. You should be present while they watch movies to explain and answer questions from their inquisitive minds. Fortunately, kids’ movies are produced in different series so you can schedule a movie-watching for particular days throughout the holiday period. You can also watch them online.

8. Teach them how to operate a computer

Many of the high paying jobs we know currently are in the tech industry. If you can get your children interested in computers and technology and they like it, then a foundation in computer usage and technology can be established. And who knows what comes next? Maybe in the coming years, you may find them in your basement working on a project that will become the next big thing in the tech world.

Most of the kids enjoy fun family times because they have the undivided attention of their parents. So do not miss out on the chance to give your child one of the best times of their lives during the holiday.